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    How are rewards calculated?

    Honestly, i don't get rewards. After being struck with countless career progress resets i finally made it to Pro class. There, in the event selection screen the game tells me: Maximum Event Reward 141'600. So i started my new career championship and ended up in Scotland. I really suck in Scotland and ended up placing 25th or something like that and i got about 100k as a reward. I was surprised i still got so much despite placing so badly, but i was glad i did since i spent way too much money on repairs there. The next day i wanted to continue my career by doing the next rally, but then i got hit with another random career reset. The new championship started with Scotland again and i really didn't want to drive it, so i just retired (i got 0 championship points anyway, so was in the same position as before the reset). Next up was Argentina, which i won by about 10 seconds. I was looking for a nice reward i could use to upgrade the R5 car i recently bought, but i only got 80k... TL;DR: Out of an alleged maximum of 141k, placing 25th in Scotland gives you 100k, placing first in Argentina gives you 80k. What the hell? How are the rewards determined?
  2. Just gave it a short test too, and it seems to work. At least i could open the event selection and the garage. Let's hope it stays like this. I wouldn't call it "fast" though. Switzerland btw.
  3. It's one thing if you can't play an MMO because the servers aren't working, but if you can't play the single player career of a rally game (where you'd never even see a car even if it was multiplayer) it is a completely different story because it feels like the requirement for servers is absolutely pointless and you are hindered from playing the game because this pointless thing isn't working. The perception is completely different. It was the same when the single player campaign of Diablo 3 didn't work for several days at launch. Another issue is that it's one thing if something goes wrong, it's another thing when server are just overloaded this day and age due to an influx of players that had to be expected. There are 2 issues with that: 1) The launch of WoW was the first time i can remember when a game was unplayable due to server overload. In the beginning of the post WoW MMO age, many MMOs hat similar issues at launch and it even was to be expected, but since then developers have learned from these issues and they have become rather rare now because of that. But these issues now make it feel like Codemasters didn't learn from the mistakes others made in the past 15 years and didn't make use of the technologies that have become widespread since then, which leads to 2) nowadays, in the cloud age, any server side service like this, where you have to expect largely varying numbers of users, should be designed in such a way that they are easily scaleable, even in the small software company i work at we adapted our online system to work like that several years ago and even though our user number peaks don't fluctuate much, but it allows us the scale according to the number of users during the day (there are hardly any users at night). Yet Codemasters built their system in such a way that they can't scale it up even after 3 days, not to mention the time they had to prepare for this influx (between the time they decided to put the game to PS+ and it actually dropping there). TL;DR: It's a different story here because the servers are pointless and these issues had to be expected well in advance. Oh, and one more thing: How can it be that Codemaster says "most players have no issues whatsoever" but the peak number of steam players dropped by a third in 3 days when these numbers were pretty stable before that? This means at least a third of the players has these issues, and this doesn't include the players who play the modes that don't require an internet connection instead (or in general), or the users who are just in the game trying to connect to the servers. So, more than a third of the players have these issues, yet Codemaster claims it affects just a few. It doesn't add up.
  4. Seems i was right, didn't even take 18 hours, 12 was enough. I wish i was wrong but it was pretty obvious where the stability "improvements" came from. It worked fine when i tested it before starting work this morning, and now when i made another test at the end of my lunch break it didn't work. With the Easter weekend coming up, one where everyone is supposed to stay at home, the servers will probably be down for the next four and a half days, unless Codemasters REALLY does something.
  5. Yeah, it's working better now that it's past midnight in central Europe and people are going to bed, Asia is still asleep and the evening is just starting on the Americian east coast... I'd almost bet it won't work again in about 18 hours.
  6. Well, when trying whether it works now the game told me that my career has been reset because of a discrepancy in local and server data after selecting events in my team, and then went on to a connection error. So basically the game told me that my savegame has been possibly deleted, but doesn't allow me to check whether that's the case, because i can't check my events progress, my garage and my staff, and my credits are always shown as 0 anyway.
  7. Somehow i doubt that it works for most people now. As for me, nothing works in My Team; Events, Garage, Staff, everything results in errors or time outs. Platform: PC, Region: Switzerland For gods sake, please remove this stupid online requirement for career mode. If you are concerned about cheating in leaderboards, which is your official reasoning for this, let us create profiles that don't require constant online connection and don't show up in leader boards, and don't allow a switch back to online. It's a huge pain in the ass and i guess the vast majority of players isn't interested in competitive loaderboard racing anyway. The way you do it now slows downs the menus to a snails pace or even prevents the game from working at all, all that for no benefit whatsoever for the vast majority of players.