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  1. Just gave it a short test too, and it seems to work. At least i could open the event selection and the garage. Let's hope it stays like this. I wouldn't call it "fast" though. Switzerland btw.
  2. It's one thing if you can't play an MMO because the servers aren't working, but if you can't play the single player career of a rally game (where you'd never even see a car even if it was multiplayer) it is a completely different story because it feels like the requirement for servers is absolutely pointless and you are hindered from playing the game because this pointless thing isn't working. The perception is completely different. It was the same when the single player campaign of Diablo 3 didn't work for several days at launch. Another issue is that it's one thing if something goes wro
  3. Seems i was right, didn't even take 18 hours, 12 was enough. I wish i was wrong but it was pretty obvious where the stability "improvements" came from. It worked fine when i tested it before starting work this morning, and now when i made another test at the end of my lunch break it didn't work. With the Easter weekend coming up, one where everyone is supposed to stay at home, the servers will probably be down for the next four and a half days, unless Codemasters REALLY does something.
  4. Yeah, it's working better now that it's past midnight in central Europe and people are going to bed, Asia is still asleep and the evening is just starting on the Americian east coast... I'd almost bet it won't work again in about 18 hours.
  5. Well, when trying whether it works now the game told me that my career has been reset because of a discrepancy in local and server data after selecting events in my team, and then went on to a connection error. So basically the game told me that my savegame has been possibly deleted, but doesn't allow me to check whether that's the case, because i can't check my events progress, my garage and my staff, and my credits are always shown as 0 anyway.
  6. Somehow i doubt that it works for most people now. As for me, nothing works in My Team; Events, Garage, Staff, everything results in errors or time outs. Platform: PC, Region: Switzerland For gods sake, please remove this stupid online requirement for career mode. If you are concerned about cheating in leaderboards, which is your official reasoning for this, let us create profiles that don't require constant online connection and don't show up in leader boards, and don't allow a switch back to online. It's a huge pain in the ass and i guess the vast majority of players isn't i
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