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  1. Hello. So, today I was playing a ranked multiplayer race in F1 2019 and encountered a very strange issue. My car would just suddenly start falling underground before going (also suddenly) back on track and stopping the car completely. This is the first time I've encountered this issue and it happened like 5 or 6 times in 1 race. The appearances of it were very random, sometimes two in a row, and sometimes I could drive a lap without it. It made me fall from P5 to P14 in the race and losing my rank. I don't think my Internet connection was the problem because it's usually very stable and I've never had any lag problems in this game. My PC also meets the minimum requirements. Everything was fine before and now it suddenly started doing that. If that's any help, I'm using a 13-year-old steering wheel but I've never had a problem with it and, as I already said, everything was fine before. I hope someone can help get to the bottom of this issue as I don't want it happening again. I'm attaching a screenshot I took after around the 5th time it happened. Also, I'm using the 1.22 version, playing the game on Steam. Sincere thank you in advance for help.