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  1. Suter

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    I appreciate that Codemasters are working through some very challenging times as is most of the world, and I fully understand that things will take longer and there may not be that many people who are physically working in the same location as the servers. But and this is a big BUT! This has been a recurring issue since launch for a large number of people. I would have liked my first post on the forum to be positive but I feel the preparation and planning to support your customers with the online functionality that you (codemasters) built into the game would be sufficiently scaled to cater for a lot more of your customer base than it currently seams it can cope with. I like so many others have had all of our rallies cancelled this year and was looking forward to getting a rally fix albeit virtually. I really wish you luck getting this game stable for all players and hope the SMT take these issues into consideration for any future games. If not I'm afraid this may have a significant impact on your future customer base. Happy Rallying All!