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  1. Yup, there's nothing you can do about it... I recently lost an entire Masters' championship I was leading with only 8 stages left, won't be touching the career rally anytime soon...
  2. Pompelo

    AI drivers and other questions

    Unfortunately the answer to 1 and 2 is no ; though it depends on what championship you're running in : in the career rally there is a total of 120 (?) entrants, with only 30 in your class, so even if you aren't really competing with other classes, you still have access to a general ranking where everyone's included. As for question 3 I'm not entirely sure but since there is only a total of 12 "different" stages (actually 2 different long stages chopped in half and run both ways) per rally location, I believe you can't have more than those 12 stages in one single rally (which is what you get in the masters' championship btw). The same goes for rallies I believe (though there are 13 locations), I actually thought it was capped at 6 events, so if it's 12 you can still get 144 stages in a single championship, which should be more than enough 🙂
  3. Pompelo

    Insufficient number of SETUP SLOTS

    I second this, in the game's current state you can only have 1 setup for each gravel location (which already isn't much), and even then there's one location where you cannot save your setup and have to tweak it every single time, which is pretty annoying. Unfortunately this has also been the case for some time now with rallycross locations, where I believe there are at least 2 slots missing, and nothing has changed as of yet... I sure hope CM will include this in a future update, seems really simple to implement indeed.
  4. Pompelo

    Restoring save files

    Well that's interesting... In other words, since racenet manages data on its own, independently from Steam, there's not much the user can do to it (unlike the Steam Cloud where you can choose between local and remote data if there's a mismatch), which is pretty ridiculous... I should also add that just like you, I did not touch my championship either during my last session ; so I don't know how the game tracks progress but it seems one single error can ruin the whole thing. Also I didn't know about the whole career reset being a possibility, makes this even worse... What's weird regarding the backup# files is that in my case they're actually more recent than the save files, and seem to be dated to the 1st time I got the message ; I really don't understand how those saves work. I'm still hoping CM can do something about this...
  5. Among the various error messages I've been encountering in the past few days due to server overload, I was lately greeted by this one, which bothers me much more... I immediately quit the game and rushed to find the save files, which I found in the Steam userdata folders of the game ; I managed to salvage a savefile dated before the issue occurred. Now my issue is this : how can I restore my progress ? Everytime I launch the game and go to Events I get this message (I've never gone further to try and not overwrite anything). I have tried copying the backed up savefile to the \Steam\userdata\[number]\690790\local\savegame folder, which was empty, to no avail, and can't seem to find any fix online... I was on the last rally of the Masters championship, 1st in the ranking, I really don't want to lose all this playtime over some connectivity issues with the game servers... please help !
  6. Been having heavy connectivity issues for the past couple of days, making the "my team" part of the game unplayable most of the time, and triggering all kinds of different error messages : this one however just popped up and I really don't like how it sounds... I instantly quit the game and backed up my savefiles (I do have a save from before this issue occurred), and I have not gone past this screen to make sure I don't lose anything... Now, given that I have legit savefiles from before this ********, is there any way to restore them and keep my championship going ? I was on the last rally of the Masters' championship (i.e. with 6 rallies and 12 stages per rally), leading the general ranking, I really can't afford to lose all of this just because the servers are overloaded...