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  1. then the font is right maybe, idk. Still looks off to me, maybe size
  2. You should fix the font of the licence plate... it is kinda off, too much thin
  3. Haven't done anything lateley, so here it goes. I am not sure if I will be able to make this one public since it was made directly for customer, but at least i can show it to you here
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Oc3c3_DHcIX7nO36skuXyWYf2ph6KaJz/view?usp=sharing didn't find original link for it, so here you have google drive file posted by me, all rights goes to the owner.
  5. I would just say, that Jakub Hanzelka is main designer of Hothess and also its owner. Make your own picture who IT is. It's a guy why @SRD_SimVansevenant reworked his design and why Me, Marllow and Pupito deleted one of ou skins and Lebrass Design not even publish one. If he wouldn't continue in his "job" after discussion with me, i wouldn't make any post, but this is too much. Jestli to Kubíčku čteš, už by ses měl fakt zamyslet, mistře světa, kdyby si napsal normálně, že si nepřeješ to tam mít, tak bych to chápal a vpoho bych to smazal. Ale když máš kecy,
  6. A little update, big thanks to moove design for sending me logos i have needed! And also to Simone Campedelli for posting it on his instagram stories
  7. So here it is, Simone Campedelli's Ford Fiesta Rally2 from Rally Legend 2020. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-fiesta-rally2-simone-campedelli.36645/
  8. Okay, maybe it is time for a little comeback 🙂 Will there still be room for me on the RaceDepartment?
  9. i think we have a little solution, mod not by me, but still 😄
  10. Since this day, livery got deleted for breaking copyright. Even tho I've got permissions from Jan Černý, I've got told by irl designer of this design to delete it, or he'll file a criminal complaint against me for copyright infringement. I think that this means end of downloadable liveries from me. Sorry guys, but I have my own life and I don't have time to run around the courts somewhere and I don't have the money for possible compensation either (God forbid they would push me right behind bars). It has been a nice time and I hope that irl designer is proud of his job.
  11. Štěpán Vojtěch - Michal Ernst RallyRACC Catalunya - Costa Daurada 2006
  12. and here goes 2nd one, almost the same as previous, this time Tomáš Vojtěch - Štěpán Palivec Rally Bohemia 2004 Fun fact: This car was actually crashed on Shakedown before the start and mechanics were unable to fix it in few hours.
  13. So here we go, Štěpán Vojtěch - Michal Ernst Rally Bohemia 2004
  14. Your guess is absolutely right, those cars are legends for me, because I was only a little kid back then and we went with my dad to most of rallies at 2004 and 2005 season. This made me a rally fanatic. And man, I don't even remember what i had for lunch yesterday, but what I remeber are sounds of these brutal cars, even tho i was like 3 years old back then 😄 AŠÍN!!!!
  15. Working on some legendary Czech liveries, this time it will be OMV Rally Team, Driven by Štěpán and Tomáš Vojtěch in early 2000s, golden era of czech rallying @SRD_SimVansevenant thank you so so much for tips on converting 206!
  16. So here is final release, Alexey Lukyanuk - Dmitry Eremeev from Rally di Roma Capitale https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/citroën-c3-r5-alexey-lukyanuk.35028/
  17. So, when there is kind of C3 R5 hype, i will post a bit of progress on mine one 😄 (@SRD_SimVansevenant top job mate) Alexey Lukyanuk - Dmitry Eremeev
  18. Thank you so much, I am trying my best at it and for sure, I am working on another liveries, for example Alexey Lukyanuk's 2020 livery (mainly because I am lazy to do something more complicated 😄) And tbh, your liveries are ******* awesome. Made with heart, as it should be! 🙂
  19. 4th livery from Rally Bohemia 2020 is this update (what a stereotype) of @JanBradáč's earlier Škoda Motorsport livery Jan Kopecký - Jan Hloušek
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