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  1. Hi, With my TMX in F1 2020, on PC, force feedback was nice and strong. Had to set it to relatively low settings so my arms wouldn't break. In 2021, I have almost no feedback. Set everything to max and I don't think it even changed anything. Because of that, steering feels quite loose and imprecise. Anybody else experienced this?
  2. You can call it a semantic but I think it's a question of the AI being stupid, not being agressive. The AI will just follow its racing line, no matter what, which is kinda dumb. I believe this is what was showcased in that video by glenmack. Hamilton is not ramming him, he's just going back to it's line even if it means crashing into the player. And, in slow mo, as they touch, it pushes the AI off track and at that point the AI should just yield and accept putting the wheels off track. Instead, the AI just pushes in the opposite direction to stay onto the track (which makes it look like intent
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