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  1. oyunbozan

    Clubs connection issues

    ah damn it! 3068b894942e902-3a311d18-0-2 i assume server fails because of clubs web page getting overcrowded simplifying web interface and blocking people refresh too often with captcha can solve this.
  2. while running a club championship i had a slow puncture in the middle of the first stage. i tried to manage it and keep driving on it to the end of stage. at the start of next stage i find out the flat tyre is still on. i did not understand why because in real life, between special stages, there is enough time and "normal stage" for the crew to deal with certain problems. changing tyres and doing some setup changes, trying some repairs etc. and i could not able to change the tyre the whole stage btw. even i stop and wait for "change tyre" sign to come on, it never came. F3 button was not active. this is illogical and some programming needs to be done here.
  3. oyunbozan

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    3068b894942e902-3a311d18-0-2 we are going to start a championship tonight, most of the real national rally championship competitors including overall champions are going to attend. this connection issues are bothering me.