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  1. On a windows laptop and a macbook (via wireless), same problem, also tried it in incognito mode with no extensions. It always happens after a big glitch(2-3 seconds of frame drops) after about 5-15 minutes of playing. The framerate comes back to normal but one of the steering keys "stops" working. I say "stops" because if I press the key I can see the steering wheel turn a few pixels for a fraction of a second. If I use the arrow keys they all work in the game menu but not in the race. If I reassign to different keys, the next glitch happens faster, less then a minute.
  2. I have the exact same problem. It works for a few minutes, then the left or right key just won't work. The only in game fix is to go to the control settings and change the keys from "," "." to "left" "right". It works this way but after 5-15 minutes I get the problem again. Then I do the "fix" again, changing from "left" "right" back to "," "." and it works. I have to change the keys every 5-15 minutes.
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