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  1. michielvdm

    [Stadia][keyboard] Key losing function

    I am having the exact same issue as they are, in order to reproduce it I would recommend spamming a button rapidly, after 10-30 sec of spamming the issue already occurs. It seems like the issue occurs less when I map the arrow keys than with any other key, but it still happens. I am quite certain this is a GRID issue if you are in the control setting it shows you what buttons are being pressed. Once you spam enough every time you press it the correct letter will appear for a fraction of a second and then disappear. as you can imagine this is quite annoying.
  2. michielvdm

    GRID on Stadia - Feedback Thread for Stadia Players

    hi, I am trying the base game that is currently available for free trough stadia pro. I currently do not have a good controller laying around so I am using my keyboard. after spamming a button a bunch of times (as one does when trying to accurately steer), that button kind of seems to lock up, meaning that you cant press it anymore for anywhere between 10 seconds and a couple of minutes. This is definitely not a local issue as i can still type in a different chrome tab without any issues. because if havent had this happen to me in any other stadia games i believe (but am not sure) that this is an issue coming from your end. Is this a know bug? or am I the only one encountering this issue? thanks in advance.