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  1. One quick question, I try sometimes your setups and I find some of them very helpful. I did have a lot of trouble with Lancia Fulvia in Scotland heavy rain, and just by lowering camber, and loosening the diff 3 clicks (as you have written in one your videos...) the car behaviour was strange and I was losing a lot of time But the question is, I have already seen your video of H1 comparison class... but "new" locations like Finland make me wonder Is the Mini overall a faster car than a Lancia Fulvia as today? I tried them in a lot of wet stages in time trial (specially Scotla
  2. Perfect explanations fellows! I feel ashamed thinking that there would be gravel wet tires with big blocks to have better grip in rain. Not more headlights repairs, and maybe I will stop changing gearbox and engines, just only normal repair them to save credits. And do the driven kms in showdown (or maybe test lap in English) add to the research engine mapping in career? and what about it in daily, weekly events? Are the mapping upgrades to the engine always beneficial or there are some locations/stages that would benefit from a more conservative mapping? (thinking in maybe something
  3. So, basic questions after 9 days with the game, not related with rally school, but maybe I will try to seek help... for example I struggle driving at Wales with the Audi Quattro, losing time in Club level (career mode)... but it does not bother me right now (I have already seen SkyRex's video and maybe will comment my experience on slow rebound and fast bump on the Audi, although I do agree completely that the ride height should be set very high)... after winning monaco by several minutes I am losing 20-30 seconds per stage here (again: not worried because of a lot mistakes from my driving)
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