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  1. dylanh25

    Why is Ford Escort Cosworth so slow?

    I agree that the Cossie should be closer to the Impreza 555, the difference between 1993 and 1995 wasn't that big. The Cossie does have a very peaky power band - which is why the 7 speed gearbox was used in the first place, so it could stay at high rpm all the time. This was improved a bit by 1995 (and a 6 speed was used), but my gut feel is that dr2 doesn't have as much slip as in real life. This makes it hard to spin the wheels and stay at high rpm. Combine that with a understeering car and it becomes very difficult to get the best out of it. The Impreza has a lot of understeer as well imo, but because it has power at low rpm you don't lose as much time because it. My other problem with the Cossie is the front splitter. On all the rough rallies, it catches on the ground and makes the car 'bounce' down the road. In the real world, the splitter would bend or break when you bottom the car out. Looking through photos, there's a fair few where it runs without the splitter - whether intentionally or because its broken off. Maybe it could be removed from the model when on gravel tires.
  2. dylanh25

    Why is Ford Escort Cosworth so slow?

    Having recently re-discovered my dads book which reviews the 1992 WRC, I feel somewhat qualified to comment on the performance of the Delta/Cosworth in DR2. If you want the short answer, I say its pretty close to accurate - although Codies could have done better with the cars/years chosen. (Maybe that's down to licensing). I'm going to assume the specifications of the cars in DR2 are accurate to the year they are listed as in game. That means the Delta and Legacy RS use the 1992 regs, and the Escort Cosworth the 1993 regs. As tbbtstt mentioned the turbo restrictions were changed a lot throughout Group A, however in 1992 and 1993 they were the same (38mm restriction).The power difference between the Delta (330hp) and Cossie (310hp) is more than likely down to the use of 'special fuel' during the 1992 season. Supposedly a 60/70hp increase was found when compared to pump fuel. For 1993, the FIA imposed a control fuel to limit power to around 300hp. The bigger factor was the minimum weight which was 1100kg in 1992 and 1200kg in 1993. The Legacy was a slightly heavy car and the best weight they achieved in the year was 1152kg, which is reflected in DR2. The Legacy then became more competitive in 1993, and one of the Delta's advantages in its lightness was lost in 1993.The Cosworth was competitive in 1993 against both of these cars. If Codies is stuck with the current cars for the next game, then I would suggest using the 1993 specs of the cars to achieve a balanced Group A class. This does rely on being able to move the Evo VI to the 2000cc class, as it would otherwise become dominant in the Group A class. The Delta, Cossie, Legacy, and 555 Impreza were all used in the 1993 season and should all have a similar performance (300hp, 1200kg). Whether Lancia would agree to their car being slowed down in the game is one question, and doing this would also make the Legacy somewhat redundant. As already said, an early Group A class (1987-92) would be the ideal solution. It does somewhat rely on Toyota coming to the game though as the Celica was the only car to get close to the Delta's specs that season (1100kg, 330hp). The Sierra RS 4x4 was also close by the end of the year, however started the year far too heavy so I don't know what weight would end up being used in game. The Legacy, Galant, and Nissan Sunny could also be added and would have a pretty close second tier in the class at around 1150kg, 300hp.
  3. Brooks! Sponsorship from Hella lights required...
  4. A few thoughts on new classes/manufacturers. Tried to avoid listing every rally car ever, debatable if I succeeded H1(RWD) Would love for a Lotus Cortina to be added. And the Mk1 Escort, though perhaps that should be H2. Other possible cars:Hillman Imp, Renault 8 S1600 Rally Feel like this would bridge the gap between R2 and F2 well. Also potentially a very well balanced class like R5, a number of similar performance cars in S1600. Group N/NR4 Really like driving these cars, unfortunately only Subaru/Mitsi competing for a long time. Maybe adding some older cars could generate some interesting matchups e.g. N14/Evo IX, N8/Evo VII Very happy with all the other classes Manufacturers Toyota I think this has been well covered Mazda A surprisingly long rally history here for a manufacturer not mentioned much. The RX3 (H2 RWD), Group 2 RX7(H3 RWD), Group B RX7(Group B RWD), 323 GTR(Group A), and a RX8(RGT) are all worthy of being added in my opinion Nissan/Datsun Already have the 240Z which is cool but also: Datsun 160J(H2 RWD), Nissan 240RS(Group B RWD), Nissan Sunny GTiR(Group A), Nissan Pulsar(F2), and finally a 370Z (RGT) Mitsubishi Already a strong presence but 1982 Lancer Turbo (H2/H3 RWD), Starion 4WD(Group B 4WD), Galant VR4(Group A), and an early Lancer Evo(Group A) would be awesome Would probably need a rejig of career mode to have a reason to use all of these but to get even a few of these would be excellent.