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  1. Yay! I can verify the single player qualifying bug is all fixed on Stadia now. It's nice to be able to race straight through an event without having to quit and restart each round. Thanks CM!
  2. I'd like a manual too. I'm such a noob. I noticed that middle value is for "Technique" and you don't get points there if you are playing with the AI at "Very easy" level. What I want to know is what do the red, green, and purple arrows mean that pop up in the middle of the screen all the time. And is there any way to turn them off? Sometimes they block my view of a corner up ahead.
  3. Looks like this is fixed now! At least on Stadia the fix is live.
  4. Can someone explain to me (a noob) how multiplayer works. Say I want to race against other humans. I'm playing Grid on Stadia. What does a Quick Match do exactly? Are there bots in there? People playing on other platforms? And what if I create a match? How long does it take for others to fill it up? Will there be bots? Thanks in advance...
  5. Ha, I joined the forum to ask about how qualifying works. Guess I was confused because there is a bug! Just getting into this game on Stadia.
  6. This is happening to me too! Just signed up for Stadia yesterday, tried Grid today, and I can't get more than 30 seconds in when I can't turn left anymore.
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