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  1. Doth1313

    [PC] [graphical] F1 2019 in black & white?

    Thank you! Would you recommend deleting old drivers and stuff? I know about DDU, but my understanding is that it is a pretty involved process. Not that I can't figure it out, but my understanding is that NVIDIA has its own driver replacement thing. I will try to put on the .74. DxDiag.txt
  2. Hi, Just got the game for PC--have been a ps4 player. I am sending the DXdiag, the Steam Save, and the hardware settings folder via email concurrently with this post. It is sent with the title "Doth 1313 f1 2019 troubleshooting thread." The zip file attached below contains two images and two 10 second videos. Specs: 1. CPU- i9-9900k 2. GPU- Nvidia GeForce 2080Ti 3. GeForce Drivers: 442.59 (release date 3/10/20). I tried 445.75, but I read that it has issues, so I reverted. 1. When I try to play F1, the color balancing is off miserably. It's as if everything is an oversaturated white. The game gives me options to run in DirectX 11 and Direct X12. 12 is unplayable. 11 is passable, but the colors are faded. I've tried the game on both a 1080p monitor, and a 4K TV, and the issue is the same. I do not have this issue with any other game. When I play Assetto Corsa, for example, I do not have this issue. Furthermore, I can confirm that the issue does not exist with the computer, or either the TV or the monitor. I have run benchmarks on both and they look normal. When I test the game, the raw video comes out fine. The youtube link below is a recording of me screwing around on keyboard. If I try to record through GeForce overlay when connected to 4K TV, it says that the game doesn't support HDR recording. Not a big deal. It will record when set to 1080 with the 1080 monitor. If i try to record while in 4K through windows game bar, it will record, but the white balancing problem gets worse. It gets to the point where the track is so white it is faded out. This problem persists when i press shift-tab to access steam while in F1. It does not happen in any other steam game. Steps I've tried: 1. Play with in-game gamma settings/ nit adjustment (when applicable.) I have also tried various different settings to minimal effect. 2. Uninstall and reinstall the game on steam. 3. Install latest graphics card drivers. 4. Revert to slightly older drivers, as my understanding having read some of the forums is that there are issues with the newest drivers. I've reverted using the GeForce Experience program. 5. Swear loudly to myself. 2. PC [Steam]. I have Verified the Integrity of the Game Files. "All Files Successfully Validated" 3. Game Version 1.22 4- N/A 5. The lead up to the problem is the same. It happens every time I turn on the game, without fail. In DX12, it is as if the first of the five red lights in the opening sequence comes up red, and then it just turns to black and white. 6. No error message. 7. Fanatec CSL Elite. Happens both when the wheel is connected, and not connected. 8. Videos and screenshots below. Raw gameplay video- no issues. Thanks! Codies-F1_2019_images.zip