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  1. No it is not just you....here also the same and gridstarts are the worst!!! AI cars are SUPER FAST and very agressive driving. If you can't keep in front of them they crash in too you!!
  2. I went from Diamand 3 to Bronze, but I don't give a **** about it!! I do my races and collect boxes to inprove my RB16. I like racing but the performance of the whole game is very pooooooooooooooooor!!! A Dutch saying says: WE ROW WITH THE OARS WE HAVE!
  3. As far as the search for opponents is concerned, there is clearly an improvement. For the grid starts it's still very bad...AI cars are very fast and very aggressive driving. In no time you will be far behind and if you are lucky your opponent will be a bit slower so that you win. Sprint races are very different per racetrack but I win most of them despite the fact that the AI cars can be aggressive here too. I don't lose much of qualifying races. This afternoon the Travel box in the Challenge section is STUC again? This happens on regulairy basis an it SUCKS!! I GET ROBBED HERE!! F
  4. I've adjusted my review in the Play Store to 1 star because it can't go to zero. You will may do the same as CM might be sensitive to it!!
  5. I agree for 100% on the issues that has geven here. The game is a big FRAUD!!!!!! GIVE US BACK THE 2020 VERSION!!!!!!!
  6. Don't be so upset POPE. Don't check on the racetable to mutch! Try to avoid gridstarts and score some boxes! CM are indeed incompetent of making a good game!!! šŸ˜”
  7. I have the same experience. Yesterday I had a opponent on over 60 wins in a qualy. I beat him by over 15 sec. Then the same opponent came on for a sprintrace and he was one up and not on zero. This happens a lot!!!! Did we both WIN???
  8. You are right!!!! I race the same people over and over. They move up and down with me in the top 50. But I don't care about the list. I want too race and earn more boxes and levels to improve my RB16B.
  9. Same here....qualifying and sprintrace are inproving but can be better!! Gridstarts are on some tracks better but AI cars are still hard too beat!!! Today after about 25 races the Gridstarts are terrible, AI cars are again very agressive and fast. This is ****ck!!
  10. Skip this silly button....I don't have time for it to press...i am racing and only looking forwards. WHO CARES WHAT HAPPENS BEHIND ME!
  11. Haaha, you richt about that. I like too race and we are the WC F1 (Max). RB fan and what strikes me is that there are few RB cars in the Pro League. Most opponents are Mercedes.
  12. I don't look at the tablet any more, it's a big fake!!!
  13. Barry BL .... LET US HEAR FROM YOU!!
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