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  1. Game4ce


    No, your not the only one. It happend too me also several times on different tracks!! I do not bother, take my lose and go on! These nerds are there and you can do nothing about it!!!
  2. Game4ce

    Set-up in latest version

    This dude for example, was hard to win from this afternoon! How do they do that????
  3. Game4ce

    Set-up in latest version

    I noticed it even a couple of weeks ago. See the topic Great difference in setup! See the picture of the setup!! Also I had a hard time to beat this setup.
  4. Game4ce

    Monaco car crash.

    In single-qualify my car hits the left wall, before the countdown, in the linup at the first corner. When I change PI setup it gets worse!! Can CM have a look at this problem??
  5. Game4ce

    Bad drivers

    What an idiot is this. Had some races with him and ended up in DNF. Dubbel account??
  6. Game4ce

    Halloween Challenge

    USA @ 74k, Canada @ 63k, Brasil @ 88k, Silverstone @ 96k. Brasil was for me hard to get over the 60k. The strange thing is that in single qualifiying I am 1 sec faster on all tracks! That is very frustrating!!
  7. Game4ce

    Halloween Challenge

    The last two corners you must stay on the racing line. Swirving out al little is deadly. Two wheels on the curbes is punnished. CM do something about this!!
  8. Game4ce

    Great difference in setup!

    I play with 1 red stripe on steering in custemized assist.
  9. Game4ce

    I cannot do the new update.

    If your on Android, try the gallaxy store. There is the update. I had the same problem!
  10. I wonder if this player is Fair play??
  11. Game4ce

    Update 15 - track updates?

    I also got smashed by opponenets!! Gosthing did not work!!
  12. Game4ce

    0 PI challange

    I shall try that, thanks!!!
  13. Game4ce

    0 PI challange

    Are you sleeping, or what
  14. Game4ce

    0 PI challange

    Overall my car is too slow, I do not know why. AI cars are faster and I know how too block and race. I am quitting this eventšŸ˜“
  15. Game4ce

    0 PI challange

    First position. At the Americas I get passed at the start with a perfect start before the first corner. Then the AI car runs off and I can not catch up! My car is too slow!