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  1. Game4ce

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    I find the auto-accelleraition realy s**t. Mutch more control in manual setting 🤗👍
  2. Game4ce

    New update - here we go again

    Same here with all the points. Car handling is also different. This results in training again🤔😨😡😂
  3. Game4ce

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    Yes, manual accelleration and brakes.
  4. Game4ce

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    Many of my Sprint Races on start are bad. My car stalls at start and my opponent comes "flying by" as madnes and than my car kicks up again and I have to try to catch up, what regulairy results in a lost duel. The strainge thing is that it is not always the case and it depends on witch track we are on.
  5. Game4ce

    Official Team Event

    For me Bahrain is a hard one...juist got over 60000 points and try too inprove by reseting. I can not get near mij points any more!!
  6. Game4ce


    This afternoon a lot of faillures with the connection.....what is wrong!!
  7. Game4ce


    Today very difficult to play the game....server connection faillure and fail to contact to Play Games. What is wrong Codemasters!!
  8. Game4ce

    Custum car v/s Official car.

    Thanks all for the info.....I got the Redbull car now and entered the Official cars event and I think the car handling is slightly better than the Custem car.
  9. Game4ce

    Custum car v/s Official car.

    That is what I wanted too know! But why does codemasters do not make the Offical car slightly better so we have benefit of it?
  10. Is the Official car with the same game setup faster than the Custum car I use. What is the advantage of an Official car compared to a Custum car. My average duel score is about 65% wins with a custum car and is it an advantage to purchase an Official car.
  11. Game4ce

    Braking technique

    It realy depends on how your break and assist setup is. Breaking in fast corners is mostly a tab on the break or just lift the throttle at the right time or tab the throttle. Its practice, practice, practice!!
  12. Game4ce


    What do you think of the chicane (corner 5) at Baku. That is alsof a joke. I turned the second corner at very slow speed with both left tires stil on the track and a penalty follows.
  13. Game4ce

    2020 SETUP

    Icons in the setups under the numbers seem too change in different positions everytime I log in to the game. The move around in random order.
  14. Game4ce

    2020 update is here

    Zandvoort is listed in my Track Records but in the track list no Zandvoort track!!
  15. Game4ce

    After update game is unplayable

    Samen probleem here with steering, gameplay is almost inpossible.