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  1. Game4ce

    Japan 0 pi

    1:37.9 is my fastest qualy. AI cars at the start are faster if you do not have a perfect start.
  2. Game4ce

    IA braking mid corner for no reason

    Back in the game after 3 weeks no play because of no internet on my vacation After updating the game and racing, it was a f##ing expirience to crash in to cars with full speed. This is realy something for CM to repair!!!
  3. Will CM extend the Championship 2020 with more circuits like FIA did this last week?.?
  4. Game4ce

    Hanoi track

    Do you have DRS than? I love the faces flits by!!
  5. Game4ce

    Hanoi track

    Still no DRS on this track in a duel qualifying race, any one else here with the same problem??
  6. Game4ce


    You do not get resource points!
  7. Game4ce


    What strikes me is that it regularly occurs on the tracs of Monaco, Shanghai and America. That can not be a coincidence and I think that the opponent does that to avoid a duel. I keep on racing and lose points 😡😡
  8. Game4ce


    There are some opponents who stop with the duel and I wonder why. I get punnished by losing resource points and I think that is not fair. I should get my points and that form my opponent. That is a fair punnisment towards my opponent!
  9. Game4ce

    Who Wins !?!

    Same here today....is something wrong!? Losing the duel but getting a win and points!!
  10. @ BarryBL Thanks for looking in too it to get this forum working again. I am curious what went wrong and took so long?
  11. Game4ce

    Mobile Games Forum?

    Thank you very mutch 👍👍👍
  12. Game4ce

    Mobile Games Forum?

    That is no answer to the question, is it? Our community forum is gone form this site, why?
  13. Game4ce

    Mobile Games Forum?

    I contacted them also but no answer....not realy nice codemasters!
  14. Game4ce

    Mobile Games Forum?

    Why is the Mobile Forum gone?
  15. Game4ce

    Bad drivers

    On a Grid Start race at Sochi I was about 4 sec. ahead of this guy and he managed to catch up with me and drive me off the track, cutting corners and of track driving like a madman.