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  1. What is going on with this game!! In grid start and sprint race you are often driven off the track for no reason by AI cars. They drive very fast and aggressively while you try to drive as neatly as possible. I will only race qualify races from now on and am starting to find this new update very frustrating!!

  2. On 9/28/2021 at 10:08 AM, SuperTassie said:

    You have to reach the chassis level to unlock the part slots by collecting 2021 TR Car "cards". You receive these by opening pits and garage boxes (and other boxes as well I think). Once you have enough you can upgrade the car.

    Where can I vind the chassis level😳

  3. My PI is around 2150 and I experiance the same! Still I manage to win the most off these duels (setups power, lightweight and then arrow, brakes max 90) with minor assist. These bots are a pian but try to be Quick and do not drive near behind the AI cars but beside them! It is a matter off practis and if you drive fair, the AI cars do also!! I think you can do noting about it! Its all in the game.

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