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  1. My PI is around 2150 and I experiance the same! Still I manage to win the most off these duels (setups power, lightweight and then arrow, brakes max 90) with minor assist. These bots are a pian but try to be Quick and do not drive near behind the AI cars but beside them! It is a matter off practis and if you drive fair, the AI cars do also!! I think you can do noting about it! Its all in the game.
  2. This morning still having the loading problem!! Can not get any free credits!! Even the free daily box and challenges are not loading now!! Can CM have a look at this, please.
  3. Playing on a samsung tablet with 4Gb on memory and the game can run with max. 2.7Gb. I think that is no problem!
  4. Today reinstalled the game!! Still having the same problem for a week now, and missing a lot of credits this way!! Can someone have a look at this??
  5. Still having problems with this loading!!
  6. At first the problem resolved last week, now its back again!
  7. Having this problem again now for sevaral days, can someone look in to this?
  8. Same problems again, loading get stuck!!
  9. This is what you mean. A lot of them arround the last fiew month!! Try your setups with a lot of lightweight, then max out your power and then some arrow. Keep brakes arroun 90.
  10. Any one else with loading problems? See pictures!!
  11. Competing a lot lately with cars having PI around 1700 and going very fast on the Straits of the racing tracs. Compare their names with the leaderboard and they are not on it!! What do I race against?
  12. I noticed that loading and axepting is very slow. A problem with fhe server perhaps??
  13. I have setups for several duels, one for qualify/sprint race, one for gridstarts and one for Monaco and Hanoi trac.
  14. At the Amerika trac the corner penalty's are so lang that you can quit the duel, I do that because you slow down for the rest of the trac!! The Suzuka trac has a long penalty on the last 16/17 chicane up to the finish, it sucs!!!!!
  15. Yes, Hanoi, Monaco, Canada have spots where the car slows down. It realy sucs!!!😡
  16. In corner 5 car slows down dramaticly with lots off sparks. Apponents pass like nothing is wrong! Can not race this trac!!!
  17. Racing after the reset for a couple of days and I wander what is happening with this game?? Racing against opponents that have a lot less PI and running like hell. Have a look at the PDF slide show and you know what i am refering too!! CM....do something about this or explain how this is possible!!! SlideShow.pdf
  18. You are right Thepope, but in Grid Start race you can beat them if you are Quick from the start!! I think these cars are cheaters!!
  19. No, your not the only one. It happend too me also several times on different tracks!! I do not bother, take my lose and go on! These nerds are there and you can do nothing about it!!!
  20. This dude for example, was hard to win from this afternoon! How do they do that????
  21. I noticed it even a couple of weeks ago. See the topic Great difference in setup! See the picture of the setup!! Also I had a hard time to beat this setup.
  22. In single-qualify my car hits the left wall, before the countdown, in the linup at the first corner. When I change PI setup it gets worse!! Can CM have a look at this problem??
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