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  1. At the Amerika trac the corner penalty's are so lang that you can quit the duel, I do that because you slow down for the rest of the trac!! The Suzuka trac has a long penalty on the last 16/17 chicane up to the finish, it sucs!!!!!
  2. Yes, Hanoi, Monaco, Canada have spots where the car slows down. It realy sucs!!!😡
  3. In corner 5 car slows down dramaticly with lots off sparks. Apponents pass like nothing is wrong! Can not race this trac!!!
  4. Racing after the reset for a couple of days and I wander what is happening with this game?? Racing against opponents that have a lot less PI and running like hell. Have a look at the PDF slide show and you know what i am refering too!! CM....do something about this or explain how this is possible!!! SlideShow.pdf
  5. You are right Thepope, but in Grid Start race you can beat them if you are Quick from the start!! I think these cars are cheaters!!
  6. What an idiot is this. Had some races with him and ended up in DNF. Dubbel account??
  7. I play with 1 red stripe on steering in custemized assist.
  8. On a Grid Start race at Sochi I was about 4 sec. ahead of this guy and he managed to catch up with me and drive me off the track, cutting corners and of track driving like a madman.
  9. What do you think of the chicane (corner 5) at Baku. That is alsof a joke. I turned the second corner at very slow speed with both left tires stil on the track and a penalty follows.
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