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  1. What an idiot is this. Had some races with him and ended up in DNF. Dubbel account??
  2. USA @ 74k, Canada @ 63k, Brasil @ 88k, Silverstone @ 96k. Brasil was for me hard to get over the 60k. The strange thing is that in single qualifiying I am 1 sec faster on all tracks! That is very frustrating!!
  3. The last two corners you must stay on the racing line. Swirving out al little is deadly. Two wheels on the curbes is punnished. CM do something about this!!
  4. I play with 1 red stripe on steering in custemized assist.
  5. On a Grid Start race at Sochi I was about 4 sec. ahead of this guy and he managed to catch up with me and drive me off the track, cutting corners and of track driving like a madman.
  6. What do you think of the chicane (corner 5) at Baku. That is alsof a joke. I turned the second corner at very slow speed with both left tires stil on the track and a penalty follows.
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