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  1. S14Mii

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Platform: PC Country: Austria Place where error was encountered: Can't get into the clubs site or results Kind of error: Loading in infinite loop *** WORKS AGAIN ***
  2. S14Mii

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Got a lot of problems to get into the clubs and view the times yesterday and also today. Someone else the same problem?
  3. S14Mii

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Is there a problem today with the servers? My game just kicked me out twice with a blue screen on PS4..
  4. Well in this case I'll have to rate for Rallycross 😅 It's the one thing I (and a lot of other people) really love on dirt 2.0! It's so much action and fun to race directly against other people with awsome powerful cars ❤️❤️ I'd also only buy a game only with rallycross content. But Codies will only have to watch their servers and they will see if it's popular or not.
  5. I have to agree - the arrows to guess where the opponent is, are to less exact. That causes much crashes and is very bad for RX. Should be a fix with the next patch in DR 2.0 by the way.
  6. S14Mii

    Co-driver feedback

    Well I have to agree that the co-driver notes are really bad after all. Please think of adapting this in the next (last?!) patch! 1) The german lady is giving way to much Information instead of short and noticable notes. Especially on tracks with much corners as Argentina, Spain or Wales. There are also much corners which are called wrog. I.e. a 1 which is a 2 or 3, and sometimes a 3 which is a 2 or 1.. 2) The notes are much much to late even if you want the notes to be called as early as possible!! So you can't drive without knowing any corner and track without crashing, cause you are so much to fast to brake for some corners. Pleeeease fix this! Perhaps you can manage to get all the notes a bit earlier, or expand the slider in the menu to enable an even earlier note. Thanks in advance, Michael
  7. I'd really like to have hillclimb in a DiRT game again. And VR for the playstation would make it much easier and more fun to drive.
  8. S14Mii

    Clubs connection issues

    Right at the moment no chance to get times uploaded due to connection problems..
  9. S14Mii

    Clubs connection issues

    Right now again four aborts in online Rallycross because of the ibstable servers. When is this gonna be fixed?
  10. S14Mii

    Clubs connection issues

    I just got problems in the last days again. Club activities have been cancelled just because of a lot of connection problems and the worst thing is, that dirt rally 2.0 is now free for PS+ users and since then, problems got really really worse! I'm quite sure that this is also a thing because of the always online force. Just imagine that the whole traffic (also for career mode) has to be handled on the servers. I'm really mad about what is going on here as i also paid for the super deluxe edition and just want the game to work all the time for this price..