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  1. Blizzard5Black

    DiRT RALLY 2.0 - Glitched Trophies on PS4

    You are totally right, i need to win full events, not just stages. I play the game in spanish and the trophy descriptions are mostly wrong, that's my problem. Thank you!
  2. Hello, and sorry if this is not the right platform to explain my problem. I have problems trying to unlock some trophies, which are not tracked correctly, those are "A notheworthy Advantage" (win 5 stages with the Aston Martin GT4, i have won eight so far and nothing happens), "Rally North America" (complete three stages in new england with the Subaru NR4, completed 6 so far and nothing happens) and "Taking the Scenic Route" (win a rally event in New Zealand, took four tries to finally unlock). Those are the ones which i found tracking incorrectly right now, and looks like people can't unlock them either, since they have the lowest unlock rate of all the trophies (roughly 0,2%). Thanks for space