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  1. YvoTrimbos

    Error 1008:H Master thread

    Try to use driver 442.74 instead of 445.75
  2. YvoTrimbos

    F1 2019 crashes

    When I play the game, it just freezes, stil giving a continuous sound and sometimes even someone from the pit crew says something. But graphics stay frozen. Nothing works anymore and when I wait for a while (20-30 seconds), the message that it crashed pops up. I cannot make a screenshot of it, as nothing works anymore. I dont know if it's the graphics or the sound that causes the problem. Or something else? F1 2019 version 1.22 on pc, running under steam and I play it as single player. Already downgraded the nvidia drivers from 445.75 to 442.74. Attached the latest crash report, a dxdiag file and zipped hardwaresetting folder. Can anyone help me? hardwaresettings.zip DxDiag HP Prodesk 400.txt crash_dump#614494-20200413-205318-0.zip