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  1. @PJTierney Hi, haven't been able to sign into anything codemasters for the past 3 weeks AT ALL.. Didn't get a single reaction in this thread either... getting rather annoyed now!!! F1 2019 not working Dirt Rally & Dirt Rally 2,0 not working And it's really only Codemasters products having issues.. but all of them Netherlands PC Steam...Error codes are in earlier posts Lol got so annoyed I found a FIX: If you're having connectivity issues with windows 7 Try this: Use Windows Update to update Windows 7 and install the KB3140245 Security Patch.
  2. THIS!!!!. Haven't been able to play for over 2 weeks now, haven't gotten a reaction here from anyone either. I played before, a long time ago.. I uninstalled... and just reinstalled 2 weeks ago. Haven't been able to play since, I can access everything that doesn't involve Racenet.. I just can't progress can't do clubs.. can't do online!!! In both Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0.. Haven't installed any of the F1 titles recently, don't know if they even use Racenet.. Imma try to install one of those.. see if that works. I'm so regretting buying a codemasters title AGAIN! Now they fi
  3. Still not working still same error code still both Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0 affected .. still pc steam netherlands.. Over a week now.. I just reinstalled after not playing for a bit haven't been working since.. What'sup??
  4. Would you mind sharing?? Anyone? Haven't been able to connect to Racenet since I reinstalled last week. Dirt Rally just says it can't connect to Racenet Dirt Rally 2.0 gives error code e4669c75-58-58 like I mentioned in my first post PC Steam The Netherlands
  5. Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0 not able to connect to racenet. Other codemastersgames havent tried yet. Dirt 2.0 gives errorcode: e4669c75-58-58 PC, The Netherlands, Steam Didn't play for a while just reinstalled.. But no Dirt for me this weekend then!
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