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  1. Hi all, I can report that since uninstalling and reinstalling the game on PS4 that the Spain loading screen problem appears to be fixed.
  2. Unfortunately happens to me whether it is in the beginning or middle. I'm on my 5th career now. Can't get past it. Other events are telling me the file is currupted when it clearly isnt. Its frustrating as i am enjoying the game otherwise.
  3. I've now had the same happen in the historic event. Ribadelles, Spain.
  4. Hi all, I downloaded Dirt 2.0 on the PS4 just recently. I am really enjoying the game but I have run into an early issue in the Career mode. The first time, I had Ribadelles, Spain in one of the first events. This caused an infinite loading screen. I waited up to 15 minutes on atleast 5 occssions and it would not progress past the loading screen. I did several resets which did not work. I even went into safe mode and reinstalled the database. This did not work either. I did some reading and decided to cut my losses. I deleted my championship progress and started again. Ridabelles, Spain has come up again a bit further into the championship and I have come across the identical problem again. Version 1.22 is what I have installed and an update check states this is the latest version. Can someone please let me know how to go about fixing this? I can't advance any further until this is sorted. Thanks, Dean.