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  1. DEAZY19

    Diezel Racing League - New Xbox Oceania league!

    We have just completed the first two rounds with great success. Still looking for Drivers if anyone is keen? League would suit beginner to intermediate racers who want to step into no assist racing and continue to improve! join our discord! https://discord.gg/8STfdpy
  2. DEAZY19

    Diezel Racing League - New Xbox Oceania league!

    Hey mate... sorry, try this one. 👍 https://discord.gg/8STfdpy
  3. Where is your league based?? Don’t want to be waking up at 2am to race if you are in UK or something 😂😂
  4. New Xbox League in Oceania Region. We race at 5:30pm AEST every Sunday night. 18 min Qualifying 50% race distance 75% AI drivers Braking Assist - Off ABS - Off Traction Control - Off Racing Line - On (Corners Only) Looking for people who will be regular attenders!! Don’t join the league if you cannot make it. Join our Discord for any questions 👍 https://discord.gg/Q2euvy
  5. DEAZY19

    Looking for a F1 league on Xbox

    Where are you from?? I have just started one in Australia 👍
  6. DEAZY19

    Xbox Australian F1 2019 Leagues??

    Looking for an Australian F1 2019 League? Want a serious league where I won’t get punted off the track at T1 every week. thanks 👍