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  1. I find it interesting that you guys implement a change and those of us with Win 7 are penalized with all kinds of stuff We have to search and change, even registry changes. Good thing we know how to do that or we would be screwed. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since my requests about the stuttering have been ignored. The stuttering is a major problem.
  2. Ok I just bought a Thrustmaster 150 pro and now just about every other game or event, it drops my wheel and I can't tell until the countdown. Then have to disconnect usb and reconnect to be able to race. Also what is with the fluttering when in corners in Dirt 2? I have come so close to running off the track because it flutters then straightens out when I am in the curve
  3. 1madmouse

    all credits gone?

    I know what you are saying. It's just when we purchase the Deluxe supposedly full version you would expect you get the whole enchilada, like all the future updates too. But as you said, this new world gaming is a cash grab and if they could get away with pay to win, you can bet people would buy the cheats. Not knowing how old you are I hesitate to say that the younger gamers have no sense of playing fair and have no problem buying an advantage if they can. But it is what it is and if we want to play the game, then we have to pay up and shut up, beside does anyone really care? I do and that is why it was nice they gave our credits and vehicles back, but where are all the hours of racing it took months to do? I don't want to start all over, but have no choice, really wish they would fix the sound and fuzzy slowdowns, makes it scary on curves when it starts stuttering. Well I guess we should go and fun if we can. I'm still doing the training in WRC8, but its going ok for now.
  4. 1madmouse

    all credits gone?

    Also sucks when you pay for the Deluxe game and still have to buy cars. I was under the impression when you get the Deluxe , you get everything. I can't see having to constantly have to purchase more DLC all the time. Guess we have to buy or go somewhere else.
  5. 1madmouse

    all credits gone?

    Well I am on a PC with a wheel, so I will find out how it goes. Don't know how you could play a racing game on a gamepad or a consol, just wouldn't be the same, but I haven't tried it , so cannot really say. But I know about empty promises, just look at practically all the racing games today, Most do ok, but we aren't paying for just OK, or at least we aren't supposed to be. Good luck to you guys. I mean look at how fast they are dealing with disappearing sound . It really sucks when you are in the middle of a race, or the slowdowns and sputters when you are cornering, drives me nuts.
  6. 1madmouse

    all credits gone?

    From what I can see, my cars and credits are there, but not my progress for over 6+ months. I already pre-ordered WRC 8, hope it's good.
  7. 1madmouse

    Connetion issues to racenet

    Supposedly fixed but all progress is gone. I really don't want to start over, but did get cars and credits back. And still nothing from Codemasters about what happened and what they are going to do about it.
  8. 1madmouse

    all credits gone?

    I know they better do something, I didn't spend good money and many hours just to see it all gone because of a glitch in THEIR software. We should have heard something by now at least a we screwed up and screwed you text. They are not looking very good right now, Like how are they going to return everything we paid for, I too had deluxe and season 3&4 and a lot of time invested. Probably be lucky if we can start over and not get stuffed for everything. But now a lawyer is sounding better all the time, after all why should we lose?
  9. Racenet is not only screwed up it zeroed my account, everything to date 4 million credits and all my progress and I am paid deluxe to season 4. I have a big fat zero for all my racing progress. Also can't play anything on Dirt2 because it won't connect period . Be careful because I just lost my whole career. This is **** thanks a lot Codemasters.
  10. 1madmouse

    all credits gone?

    I just logged on to dirt Rally 2 to find all 4 million credits of mine are gone along with all my accomplishments to date. *** is this and why? What the hell happened? I don't want to start all over again. Apparently there was some dependency between Racenet and local info so the reset my account to ZERO everything I have done for the last over 6months is gone no progress no credits everything gone . I had just paid through season 4 and had everything you get with the deluxe version and now its all gone. And I can't play the game I paid for at all won't let me race or anything. I need someone to explain how they can just do this and why? I feel like I just got suckered bad.
  11. 1madmouse

    Deluxe user being charged for Wales Rally

    I bought the Deluxe version through Steam a couple of days ago, but still don't see the content. Anyone know why? I asked Steam and they sent me here. I paid but nothing has been added, and I already had the first non deluxe Dirt 2 version. I am on PC and have already been playing Wales raining muddy mess.
  12. 1madmouse

    Dirt 2.0 question re DLC/career mode

    I purchased the DLC deluxe content a couple of days ago but have yet to get any of it on my account . Still can't access it, but they had no problem taking my money.