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  1. 1madmouse

    How to Fix Error code: e4669c75-58-58

    I find it interesting that you guys implement a change and those of us with Win 7 are penalized with all kinds of stuff We have to search and change, even registry changes. Good thing we know how to do that or we would be screwed. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since my requests about the stuttering have been ignored. The stuttering is a major problem.
  2. Racenet is not only screwed up it zeroed my account, everything to date 4 million credits and all my progress and I am paid deluxe to season 4. I have a big fat zero for all my racing progress. Also can't play anything on Dirt2 because it won't connect period . Be careful because I just lost my whole career. This is **** thanks a lot Codemasters.