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  1. Started to work here as well after reinstalling the game. Very happy.
  2. Okay, I am going to try the same here.
  3. Ok, my career is currently stuck in situation that I won the historic class open championship and now started to play with NR4/R4 Subaru the clubman championship where it worked the first rally which was USA and then now doesn´t go to first stage on 2nd rally New Zealand Elsthorpe Sprint Forward. I at least have ended up to this hanging issue with several different rallies so I don´t think it´s about the specific rally and maybe as you say not the car either. One thing which I am not 100% sure but seems to actually come in the beginning of the event, I don´t at least remember having it in the middle of the rally event anymore if it has gone through to first stage, how about you?
  4. I have exactly the same here. I have had this in custom events as well, so It´s not only in career mode if my observations are right. Only thing I can say about it, that haven´t got it once yet when driving with Lancia Fulvia but at least having it with any other car classes so far. But can´t still confirm if the car being selected for the event is causing it. Here as well the platform is PS4 and v. 1.22. Hopefully fix coming soon, but otherwise fantastic game.