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  1. pachedupdemon

    Importance of a Detailed Bug Report

    When did Barry say that, can you link post pls
  2. If the host pc disconnects from the race, it is not passed on to another pc, codies went for the cheapest option of p2p, host migration should the standard choice for the two options of p2p
  3. pachedupdemon

    I am real P****d with this!!!

    Because its p2p, once the host leaves during the race, the complete race gets dropped, codies didn't even go for better way of doing p2p.
  4. pachedupdemon

    F1® 2020 | Zandvoort Hotlap

    That is a poor effort on the accuracy of the layout, yes it looks nice butost of the corners are just plane wrong.
  5. pachedupdemon

    My thoughts on p2p in F1 2019

    If someone or something is running on the same server, then that's not a dedicated server, it's a shared host server. I can rent a true dedicated server, and have all the maintenance and game services taken care of for £200 a month, so dot 5 around the globe, that's £1000,and everything is taken care of for you, and your game has full bandwidth. Tell me how that's too expensive for codemasters, or should I go ask em, I live not to far from their offices
  6. pachedupdemon

    F1 2020 interview with Lee Mather

    Iracing is no harder than f1 or any racing game, why are people going on about how hard racing games are, they aren't, you accelerate, you steer, you brake, simple. The hard thing is. To be consistent and fast, and that's the learning curve. Which you have to already do on f1 games, sooooo, why are they only making it easier and not not revising and adding as much depth to the simulation aspect. You said a broad audience, then contradict yourself, by implying f1 is easier. Why defend, we all know this is aimed at children, but it could be for the "hardcore" too. But it comes down to money, people think graphics guys are well paid, you wait to you hear what the physics/ coding guys earn. It would cut the profit margin in codes eyes, they don't see the long run, just the short term cash grab
  7. pachedupdemon

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Mr deap so niave that he thinks real world teams aren't trying to game the rules. I'm done, no talking to a fool,
  8. pachedupdemon

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Toxic because i say the truth, mannnn snowflakes nower days, come back to me when you have produced your own tyre withing rf2 then applied to the vehicle, that you put real world figures into. Or just you know, keep wiping the milk of your mouth
  9. pachedupdemon

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Project cars 2 is no simulator
  10. pachedupdemon

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Wow, thanks for showing that you really do not have any idea what rf2 tyre model and physics model is capable of, and how they are made.
  11. pachedupdemon

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Only 2 of those above have physics that could be classed a realistic simulation, and if you don't think those two are bug ridden messes, you haven't played them enough
  12. pachedupdemon

    My thoughts on p2p in F1 2019

    Makes me laugh when people claim dedi servers are expensive lol, they can be built and then game services rented, so one off payment, then rental for the game service, ie ranking etc
  13. pachedupdemon

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Sims evolve over many years, which take money and effort, not forgetting passion, arcades are just copy and paste, cheap as chips affairs that are all about money. It's a real shame, because the f2 cars in this game, blow the f1 cars out of the water, with regards to physics. This game is for children, you want a proper Sim, you will have to go with the obscure or bug riden expensive messes that are availible
  14. pachedupdemon

    My thoughts on p2p in F1 2019

    Code masters are cheapskates employing only game service to servers while utilising p2p, which relies heavily on permissions, I can not connect to any league race, because I have to have set permissions but so does the host, and everyone else, if one doesn't I can't connect, then there's how they handle the interpolation etc. Codies don't care about us mere mortals, they run a different system for the big f1 boys, there's no point, they don't care, I've yet to see any dev comment on any issue, just clueless mods along with a wanna be mod, no offense to them, they are clueless because codemasters doesn't care to advise them
  15. pachedupdemon

    [F1 2019 PC Steam] Menu bug + crash

    You got lucky, it's pot luck maybe something out of all the things you said would work