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  1. Could not Qualify for this week"s event, ERROR:550H wasted an hour trying to connect, same result every time. Reboot everything. PC , Modem, Router. Still nothing. Looking at some posts it is an issue that has come up before . I see event only has 130 players Qualified, perhaps I am not the only locked out event? Pretty bloody frustrating to practice for days only to be denied a chance to Qualify, and Race. Why is this happening, and what can be done?
  2. Thanks My Bad, I have both games and am active in both weekly events when I can. I can not find the specific criteria, I have also seen the breakdown you describe and have in fact had Elite and Expert Trophies. Thanks for your reply, not so much for your unsolicited driving advice? If this is directed at me specifically please pm me.
  3. Hi All, I finished this week's competition , but received Amateur trophy. Is this correct? I would have thought top 24% is better than amateur, apologies if this assumption is incorrect. Can this be confirmed as correct. Tank you !!!!
  4. No Trophy as well, PC , Game name: Bob Roberts Steam ID: goose2112yyz
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