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  1. I play on xbox one. So I can press the start button on DR2.0 and select manage ad ons where I find all DLC plus the game itself. This is where it says 12 items ready to install and 44 installed, and no matter whether I try install one by one or install all they still are not in game and it's close to a week now.
  2. I will try that today and see if it works hopefully as I would love to use the stuff which wont download!!
  3. I bought year one pass last week and 12 items will not install no mattr how many times I try to install (C4 and 2001 Focus are some of the cars and Greece is also a location which will not install). All other DLC installed straight away except for these 12. I have tried uninstalling the game and all DLC and reinstalling but the sake 12 items are still not appearing in game. Has anyone else had this issue can someone give me help with it?
  4. JamieGally94

    Year One Pass Issue

    Hi I recently purchased the year 1 pass for DR2.0, and upon installing the DLC there are a number of cars and locations which say they are ready to install but will not install no matter how many attempts I make. The citreon c4 and 2001 focus are a few of the cars which will not install and I would really like to use them in game as I have paid for them. If anyone can help please let me know what to do. (Already uninstalled the game + DLC and reinstalled but the same 12 cars/locations will still not install.)