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  1. I sent the save files to Loore but haven't heard anything back so I'm guessing it's all but forgotten and I haven't got time to keep chasing it up, I just won't buy, recommend or defend the bugs in their games anymore. I did receive are rather inept response from the Customer Support email though that both amused and angered me: I didn't bother responding because I was expecting Loore to respond to the other email and because they and I both know it is an issue on their end, not mine and the fact they had the cheek to claim otherwise, fuck that!! 1) I don't use Steam cloud or any cloud sav
  2. Hi Loore, Thanks for getting back to me, apologies if I seemed rude or impatient, I can deal with general bugs but I draw the line at losing save games just because it's so much time investment lost. The last time it happened on a console game midway through I just sold it there and then but obviously on PC that isn't an option, so right now it's just sat in my steam library taunting me! I'll forward the email I sent to support to you but I'm guessing there is no guarantee it can actually be fixed. Cheers.
  3. Ok tried some more and it's definitely screwed, checked the date on the save file (PC) and I last played it on the 27/7 and since then there have been over 10 save game fixes and yet it is still happened! With Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, RRE and Wreckfest (Next Car Game) already in my library I'm having less and less reason the buy any future Codemasters games when these sort of issues continue to persist in all their recent games. I was looking forward to F1 2015 but this has really pissed me off especially since there has been no response on what I can do to fix it!
  4. I did try a few times, I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens but I expect it to still not work.
  5. So I've just tried to load my game after a long hiatus and I'm now having this issue which was supposedly resolved. Last time I stopped because my game kept crashing online whenever I used one of the cars I bought and now this has not exactly amused me. I'm not really sure what to do at this point but I would like to recover the 75hrs of progress I had achieved and finish the SP game! I haven't bought any of the DLC and only have the Black Edition and High Res Textures installed so I'm at a loss as to what the issue is given most of the other reports are related to those.
  6. Is this issue the one where the game re-launches just before it goes to the sponsor page as I just bought a car for the racenet challenge and now it just re-launches the game every time I finish so the time saves but the levelling doesn't?
  7. But when my lap is complete the same lap time is still at the top. I know I'm not slower though the final sector as in the race I'm able to keep up with the lead AI through those corners. Ais rarely drive as quickly during the race, just as real drivers rarely go as quickly as they did in qualifying. they have to defend their position in a race, which compromises their line and speed, which then hurts their lap times. they also have to pass other drivers, or wait behind them, both of which compromise race lines and lap times. in qualifying, you can get a full clean lap, no co
  8. Everything they do is dependant on what the player is doing, so the faster you drive the faster they drive. The same thing happened in F1, so in qualifying as an example if you did a qualifying lap and then drove really slowly back to the pits so it didn't fast forward, the A.I would get much slower lap times than if you did 2 or 3 consecutive laps. Essentially each difficulty has a speed boundary of say 1.20-1.25 that they will drive within based on what the player on the players speed, which is why people think all their ego engine games have rubberbanding as the react to the player. Id
  9. In my first race it chose me and said my average speed was 3490mph, I was just like WTF, it's slowly coming down but last time it was still showing as 279mph which is clearly impossible so it looks like I'm cheating :(.
  10. Well it only bothers me because when you spend an hour perfecting a track and car, hitting times that would put you in the top 10 on the leaderboards and then go into qualifying to find the A.I going 1s faster you can't help but be pissed off with the fact you wasted time because you were never going to be able to beat them. I've now turned it down to hard to make qualifying easier so that I don't have to bother practising to go 0.5s faster for pole but it makes absolutely no difference to their lap times in races because I'm still going the same speed, it just lets you pull away a little furt
  11. One instance, the same attempts around most other tracks proved unfruitful and honestly I don't see how they can expect us to tune the cars each and every race when they don't even provide the option to save setups, it's bad enough as is that they are there in a simcade game. To clarify the only reason it improved my time on Spa was because there are so many straights on Spa that the extra 20mph made a huge difference to overall time. The A.I basically have cars which have the top speed of a car with no downforce and long gears but the acceleration and cornering of one with short gears and ful
  12. Ok, now I've tried racing on Hard in a few more events where the A.I are overpowered and they do in fact match the same times the Very Hard A.I were doing whenever they want, sometimes it's straight away, sometimes it's on lap to catch up and sometimes it's the entire race so as I suspected it's broken on lower difficulties and does look like rubberbanding as it can be a 4s difference in time compared with qualifying.
  13. The two Touring car races I could win on hard and I would say speed wise hard was the same as very hard when it's working properly the same with the Formula B races. I couldn't believe that they were 3s fast around Spa so I did it again and on default settings the best I could get out of the car was a 2.01.8, still 3s off the pace, so I put downforce and diff all the way to the left for max speed and clocked a 1.59.6, 0.2s faster than the A.I so it looks like they have tried to adjust for tuning setups too, so working out what is actually going on is an absolute mine field. The other thing is,
  14. I assume you are talking about the Party Mode one, I actually didn't hit anyone on that one and got extremely lucky and flew in between 3 exploding cars hitting the chicane. I had to retry about 50 times prior to that before finally making it through but the fact they have decided to make them all races with other cars, damage or no, luck will always play the biggest part when trying to overtake.
  15. That is not rubberbanding..., was It? Nope there cars are just too fast in Class B Touring cars. Just been doing some races in the Class B Open Wheel, the issue is even worse in those, they were getting impossible times on a number of tracks, Spa being the main culprit, posting 1.59.9 I couldn't even get close, with 2.02 being my best. Same overall pace issues as F1 because then the next two races I qualified 2.5s faster than the very hard A.I and crushed them in the race, really I have to wonder who they have testing and checking they are the right speed because it's really quite poor to
  16. When I say simulated I mean the exact same things which govern the player are also the same things that effect the A.I which their engine just isn't capable of, it doesn't even load bits of the track you can't see which is why you can't switch to different cars. I still think the pace changing would be a great system if the A.I weren't faked to begin with because nobody drives flat out the entire time. It's actually the best it's ever worked in GAS but fundamentally if you are going to fake the A.I you need to make sure they cannot go impossibly fast thus alerting the player to the fact t
  17. Ignore the A.I because they essentially cheat off the start line, in like for like cars they will always be faster. It also makes no difference whether you floor it off the start or try and stop wheelspin, in fact the latter you are more likely to go slower if you rev too low, the only thing that is important is shifting just before you are about to hit the rev limiter, but obviously that is harder to do if it's bouncing off from wheelspin so you either have to guess or know exactly what speed to shift up at. I'm always fastest off the start line online simply because I change gears better tha
  18. not sure is serious Would you rather they lapped at the exact same pace lap after lap like GT and Forza, as far as I'm concerned that s*** is boring. The fact they have tried to program in more realistic behaviour should be commended the issue is it's not going to work properly if they aren't going to simulate the A.I or the lap times they fake them doing aren't realistically possible for the player. Remember the first GRID had what 20 A.I drivers in a time when Forza 2 could only muster 8! So it should be no surprise that consoles couldn't handle it, just look at what Assetto C
  19. Ok, I've done some further testing and I believe just like there was in F1 2010/11 on tracks like Catalunya there are some A.I pacing issues. I've just done the Red Bull Ring in the Cat B Touring Cars, I tried both cars fully upgraded all manner of combinations of tuning (which made no difference to overall times) and they both are good for a 1.38.5, with an absolutely perfect lap they might just push a couple of tenths faster. Nathan Mckane in his Audi RS5 1.27.7..... :|. In the actual race the top cars are simply untouchable once they are ahead and will just sit on whatever pace you are doi
  20. They are completely separate, personally I prefer singleplayer, way too many rammers/cheaters online for my liking and more often than not you get kicked out for winning to much anyway. So really if you are only interested in multiplayer and racing others you won't be missing out on anything if you skip the career, just like COD, that way you aren't forced to do anything you don't want to.
  21. And it's easily the worst discipline, starting last on narrow roads surrounded by moronic A.I is infuriating, I can only imagine how much worse it gets in the high powered cars. This weeks party mode event is hilariously bad, first corner and 1/2 the cars plough into the chicane! I would say Tuner's my least favourite personally although this can make Street very tricky to negotiate. They're all interesting challenges though. I thought it would be my least favourite so I completed it all first but the street stuff is just like the worst part of racing games, namely starti
  22. And it's easily the worst discipline, starting last on narrow roads surrounded by moronic A.I is infuriating, I can only imagine how much worse it gets in the high powered cars. This weeks party mode event is hilariously bad, first corner and 1/2 the cars plough into the chicane!
  23. As I said that is not rubberbanding, they are measuring their pace just like all real world drivers do depending on where they are in a race. I'm not even trying to claim the A.I is amazing, all I'm saying is, it is not rubberbanding because they do not go impossibly fast. If you got at the max speed of the car, the A.I simply cannot match it period, if there was rubberbanding it wouldn't matter how fast you drove they would always easily be able to go faster. You can even look at the code and see the A.I are programmed to do this based on the relative distance to the player. They aren't doing
  24. Here we go: http://youtu.be/uoANLUfn67U At the time I wondered what the hell had happened, watched it in the replay and his tyre blows out and the Ravenwest ploughs straight into him :)).
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