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  1. Trophy has now been obtained so help not needed, thanks anyways!
  2. Harvs211187

    F1 2019 League Trophy Boost PS4

    Scratch that! I’ve now obtained the trophy. This topic can be closed.
  3. Hi @AlexTT Any chance we can get a league going? I’m currently trophy hunting and would love to tick this one off the list! PSN ID is Harvs211187 and I’m available from 11pm GMT most nights but can be on earlier if it’s more suitable. I have created a separate topic about this already so apologies for the duplication. Thanks!
  4. Harvs211187

    F1 2019 League Trophy Boost PS4

    Hey all, Was wondering if anyone can help me obtain the ‘League Medal’ trophy? The league name is aptly named ‘Trophy Boost’, there’s no qualifying and it’s 5 laps around the Japan Short track 5 times so shouldn’t take anyone too much time. The league access code is CM#_ZZNWV6 and my PSN ID is Harvs211187. I’m usually on from 11pm GMT however if you’re only available earlier please add me and drop me a message via PSN....or on here! Thank you in advance!
  5. Harvs211187

    Weekly Event Rewards Missing? - Check Here (Germany)

    Hi, I have yet to receive my rewards or trophy for the Germany event. PS4 - harvs211187 Thanks!