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  1. I can´t believe, I removed the PCI USB Card and now F1 2019 is working!!! I'm so happy and relieved. Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. Yes, I run on Directx 11. I have tested at 59Hz too. I have also tested with another RAM memories, but I will run Memtest anyway. Do you guess it is incompatibility with A320 and my graphics card is Ok?
  3. It was reaching almost 80C and I stopped the stress test. Then I replaced thermal grease and now is stable around 65C. But the issues with F1 games still occurs. Artifacts at game Recore also appears but many other games are OK. Do you think there is permanent damage at my graphics card that can cause these problems?
  4. What tests do you suggest with Furmark? The thermal grease I have is GD900 I've been using at my CPU. Do you think is OK to use in GPU?
  5. TAA is even worst . I'm thinking if my graphics card is starting to die. Except F1 games, all games are running but occasionally some artifacts appears. How can I test if it is a hardware problem?
  6. Headset disconnected or with the driver make no diference. GPU reaches 67C in other games 20.4.1 did not solve the problem.
  7. hardware_settings_config.xml It is arleady "system managed" There is no Gigabyte utilities installed. The CPU temperatures are beetween 40 and 50C Sfc command is ok. Dism is attached dism.log
  8. My PSU is a Thermaltake Smart 600W. I´m having problems only with F1 games.
  9. How to check if my GPU is factory overclocked?
  10. I have tried these 3 steps but it is not working. The main problem is not menu, but the game crashes when I try to drive. The same crash occurs in F12018 and I receive the error attached.
  11. I have also updated my AMD chipset drivers.
  12. Yes, I already reinstalled the Windows. I removed 20.2.2 using DDU and installed 20.1.3 but the problem is the same.
  13. Yes, I already reinstalled the Windows.
  14. It was working with this same graphics card. Now I changed my CPU Phenom X4 to a Ryzen 5 1400 and this weird menu bug appers and the game crashes everytime I try to drive. DxDiag.txt