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  1. at the moment I haven’t bought the shifter yet, so I am still deciding what to do, even if I suppose I will keep on shifting gears using the steering wheel paddles. I know handbraking using the shifter will be just like an on/off button, so the input would be right as pushing the circle button on the joystick/steering wheel. The matter is just about the circle button position on the steering wheel which becomes hard to catch sometimes, for example while driving in tight corners. That’s why I thought about a way to get the handbrake out the steering wheel buttons...at the moment it seems to be the only solution I can get, considering that it would be similar to a real car cockpit. I will think about it for a while and take a decision!
  2. Hello, I am new up here and a newbie making experience for a few days on Dirt Rally 2.0 but I experienced the past title, Dirt Rally. First of all I play on PS4 using a Logitech G29 Steering Wheel and during my gaming hours I found hard to push the handbrake button on my steering wheel while approaching to a corner or whenever I need. so I was thinking about buying and modding the G29 Shifter, so that it will turn in a pulling handbrake. Finally my question is: does the game allow to use the shifter as an handbrake? Is there a setting about it on Dirt Rally 2.0? Thanks to everyone!