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  1. Gonzalitocasla

    Difference in car performance in sec

    I guess that alongside the AI difficulty, the ohter thing to have in consideration is the driver's rating this year AI driver has. It is not the same driving against a 99 overall AI driver as driving against an 80 overall. The car performance should be the same in both cases but the driver's hability makes a big difference IMO. For example, lets say you play at 100 AI. It is not the same if you put yourself in Albon's car and try to match Verstappen's pace with the same car as if you put yourself in Raikkonen's seat and try to beat Giovinazzi. The second one shoul be a lot easier because of driver's rating.
  2. Hi, I think because of schedule I am only avalaible to run sundays, in the tier 4, if I would try to be part of it, is there still a place?
  3. Gonzalitocasla

    Qualifying harder compound

    You are right it would take an extreme circumstance, but it still should be an option avalaible in the game. I saw a lot of league races in Singapore (to give an example of a track where qualify and therefore start the race in soft would almost kill your chances of a good result) where abosulutely everyone make their best lap with the medium tyres. And it is really a smart move in that situation. In this kind of circumstances it would be good if a pretty dominant driver can choose to do that qualy in hards and grab a good advantage over the rest of the grid, but the game doesnt allow it
  4. Gonzalitocasla

    How can you defend against this?

    are you sure you are not being lapped? you say you were at the back of the field and the mclaren is a much faster car, it all makes sense...
  5. Do you think it works like that? I think that the harder set of tyres an F2 driver can use in sprint race is the same set of tyres they give you if you want to do the qualy in the harder compund, not the practice one. I believe this bc I run a 50% race yesterday in F2 championship. I have the practice session active but I didnt go out, I didnt do a single lap in it bc I had already done practice in the same circuit in other saved file minutes before. So, at that momment all of my tyres were at 0%. Then I went to qualy. I did one lap in the harder compound just to set a banker lap. Those tyres were at 7% when I entered the pits. Then I went out again but this time with the softs and made the good lap. Later on, now in the race, I started it somewhere at the back of the field with a new set of harder tyres (they were at 0% when formation lap started) and made 10 laps with them. Then I made the mandatory pitstop and put the softs wich were new, no use, they were at 0% at finished the race. Later on, in the sprint race, I stared it in the harder tyre, but this time they were not new, they were 7% used, so they were exactly the same I used in the banker lap in qualy. The game didnt give me an option of using the harder tyre I had avalaible in the practice, I didnt have any new set of tyres of any compounds. So, if I didnt have the possibility of using the harder tyre of the practice session, I would asume the same thing happens with the IA... I believe you cant use race tyres in the practice, and you cant use practice tyre in the races. I also see the problem the IA pitting in the sprint race when what they should do is try to survive with one set of tyres (as any human player would try to do to get the most of the race without having to do a mandatory pitstop and lose a lot of time) but I dont think it is bc the thing you say about practice tyres, I think the bug is that the IA can not make sprint race tyres last to the end, or at least the "think" they cant, so they pit and ruin completely their sprint race.
  6. Gonzalitocasla

    Qualifying harder compound

    Yeah, there is no such option in the game. Like there is no also an option in the game if you want to pit for some reason and dont change your tyres at all, the game doesnt allow you and you are force to change them for another compound
  7. Gonzalitocasla

    Different race length

    surely there is a way, esports are running races longer than 25% but shorter than 50% this year, so in the codding of the game there is such a thing, they should let all of us the possibility of using it
  8. Gonzalitocasla

    Race starts are ruining my experience with Codemasters' games

    Look, I think I am reading correctly, but you say you tried F2, F1, etc and it didn´t work, but later on you say your problems are in F2 cars and you will test how it goes once you get to F1. I am not an excellent player at all but I consider my starts at F1 cars are at least very decent (against the IA at 102/104 or in online lobbys in racing leagues). I dont usually lost several positions, I generally win 1 or 2 just following the advices so many good people give in this forum and all over youtube and twitch. BUT, and here comes my main point of this post, I find extremely hard the race starts at F2 cars when you are playing against the IA. It is just horrible, you just can´t get the car under the necessary grip, usually struggle a lot until get to 3rd or 4th gear and full throtle, while the IA seems to just start the race at maximum traction and speed and 5 or 6 cars just eat you alive. I understand it being super hard as F2 cars are probably much more sensitive with traction and aerodynamics as they are not as optimal as F1 cars, but what makes the experience really bad is the IA not having any kind of problems and leaving you under so many disadventage at the start of the races. So, based on my experience (I played 2 full F2 seasons bc I find those car really fun to play with, and I just started another My career in the F2 car aswell) a person just can´t match the IA at the race starts if he is playing F2 cars. Believe me, once you get to F1, you will feel so much competitive.
  9. Gonzalitocasla

    How do you break your limits?

    Can you explain what is it?
  10. Gonzalitocasla

    Bottas P1

    I think it's a Career/My Team mode "problem". I usually play GP mode, championship mode and casual lobby with friends+AI drivers and in those races the dominant driver is Lewis almost every time
  11. Gonzalitocasla

    PS Vitesse F1 (PS4 League Friday Nights)

    Hi there I was interested in joining your league can I please have a discord link that's valid so that I can join?
  12. Gonzalitocasla

    Any F1 2017 PS4 league/tournament?

    With this quarentine time I came back to this great game and I was wondering if there is still someone playing leagues or tournaments. I would love to join any. (Sorry for bad english)