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  1. byScryX

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    The track limits are awesome. If you concentrate a little bit you can get it. The track limits are great, because you now drive lines similar to real ones and drive fast, not consist of curves.
  2. Both tracks are awesome. Zandvoort is very smooth and unbelievable fast track and Vietnam have good overtake possibilities and very technical curves.
  3. Agree. I would say the track limits are fine, I like them a lot more than in F1 2019. But to drive good, you must go to the limit and there you'll get a caution, because of the track limits. I'm driving like 3 seconds faster than other people in ranked and I my safety rating is more worse than theirs. If I drive like a grandma there would be no problem to not get a caution or penalty.
  4. byScryX

    Key assignment

    Hello Codemasters, I would like to be given the opportunity to decide for myself which buttons I use for Enter or the back button on my steering wheel. I bought the official Fanatec F1 2020 steering wheel and the intended button assignment is completely unusable.
  5. Around half an hour ago I joined into a multiplayer lobby to drive the race from the weekly event. After 5 minutes loading screen, everyone stands on the grid and nothing happened. Only one driver were allowed to drive. We stand there and the one driver rammed us that we stand in front of a wall or not in the right direction to drive. The one driver drove around 5 rounds until I left. Around 10 other people left before me. Now I can't drive the event, because all races are over... I would like to try to make the achievement "Weekend Warrior", because I already made 2 weekely Grand Prix in July 2019, but didn't got the achievement. I'm playing on the steam version and have attached a screenshot of the grid. Steam name: byScryX Steam ID: 76561198264119128
  6. Hello, I also didn't got my rewards from the germany event. Steam name: byScryX Steam ID: 76561198264119128 I hope you can help me. Thanks 🙂