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  1. Hello, I am the owner of the newly formed GNRL. We are a racing league who are looking for drivers who can regularly race, as well as commentators. We currently have around 14 drivers on grid and we're looking to start season 1 soon! Race details: Race day: Saturday Time: 9:45 BST Quali: Short (18 mins) Race distance: 50% Sign ups are open so if you're interested fill in the following sign up and join discord via an invite at the end of the Sign up! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSee7T6loerg_vvSCcj9Bc2qtOEPHRmkxzxkA19APpVL9OwYUA/viewform?usp=sf_link
  2. xLeon1x

    MWRL (PS4) Recruitment

    Hey try this discord link https://discord.gg/UvzWrk
  3. xLeon1x

    MWRL (PS4) Recruitment

    Hi, I'm the Owner of MidWeek Racing League (MWRL). Myself and my admin team are looking for new drivers who are committed to racing in the league. We have F1 Series with 2 tiers on Thursdays at 7:20 BST. As well as that, there's a possibility of starting an F2/Classic car series! If interested please join the following discord link https://discord.gg/JVMk3t We hope to see some new faces soon
  4. Hi, welcome to this thread. I am the owner of MWRL and me and my admin team are looking for more members to start Tier 2 as we have over 30 drivers. We race on Wednesdays at 9pm BST Clean drivers 50% races on normal track 100% races on short tracks Please join the following server if interested https://discord.gg/c2pCyA6
  5. xLeon1x

    Midweek Raving League

    Hi I just started a League with a few mates and we're looking for some good, clean drivers to join If interested join this discord server https://discord.gg/2XYPDU