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  1. EyTschej

    Buying F1 2020 to PC or PS4 Pro

    You might want to upgrade your system RAM though. Those 8GB are the weakest link in your chain. You can upgrade to 16GB RAM and should notice an improvement in performance, although that also depends on app/game. Some are harder on your cpu, some are harder on your gpu and some eat ram like there's no tomorrow. RAM is cheap these days though, so this upgrade really shouldn't cost you much, but there's quite something to gain. 😉
  2. Time trial is really extremely strict with leaving the track and doesn't usually care if it was a mistake that actually cost you some time. So even when you don't take any advantage, your lap doesn't count. So this makes me wonder: How come I get to drive against ghosts of other players that drive COMPLETELY out of track?!? How in the world did they have their laps count? Bug, broken, cheat? It's annoying...
  3. No-one knows what's going on, it seems. My guess is that the matchmaking process chooses a bad host. Once I was in a weekly event race in which we were only 3 human drivers. It was at 3 or 4pm. I highly doubt that there were not more players around, but I guess that they simply got this NM14 error, because the host had a bad network. (Not me, I hope) So, no, we can't do a thing about it. Codemasters would need to provide dedicated servers for the weekly event races (and ranked games) in order to eliminate NM14, I believe.
  4. EyTschej

    Canada is a time penalty waiting to happen

    Mike, if you already have a result, don't risk NM14. 😉 Other than that, I was also shocked to get two 3-second-penalties. It was weird because I've played Canada in ranked play and didn't have that kind of problems with penalties. No idea what was different this time. Also, I think that I got warnings and my subsequent penalties when I did NOT cut the chicane before start/finish, but in some laps, I believe to have made a mistake and actually DID cut the corner, but did NOT get a warning. Makes me wonder: What DOES the game actually see as corner cutting in the cicane before start/finish in Canada?!? It's a bit of a mystery to me. (Also, my steering felt awkwardly unresponsive today...)
  5. Okay, last week, I saw a DSQ in the weekly event race, because after manually changing the strategy to start on red, then change to yellow, I didn't notice that my manually changed strategy wasn't used as active strategy. When I got reminded to change the tires or otherwise get a DSQ, I chose to ignore it, because in my mind, I had started on red and clearly saw, that I was now running on yellow. I thought that the radio call was a bug, but at the beginning of the last round, I got disqualified and only notice in my stream recording afterwards, that the second strategy was selected as active - DUH! I need to pay better attention... Today, however, I placed 4th behind a guy that did all 18 rounds of Canada on red. The result screen clearly stated that he had 0 stops. It was a dry race. What's up with that?!? First of all, doing 18 laps in the weekly event on red, that's already quite something when my red tyres were already at 50 % after 7 or 8 laps. And secondly: How the hell did that guy not see a DSQ at the beginning of the final lap?!? Anyone else experienced someone finish with 0 stops before? And I'm not talking about 5-lap-races, of course. I'm talking about races in which two sets of dry tyres are the rule.
  6. EyTschej

    PC league after 10pm CET

    I'm currently in two such leagues, but there usually only 1 other player or me. The others are registered and basically blocking other players that would want to join, but never show up. One league is Tuesday ("ranzliga", I believe), the other on Friday ("HansPeddaCup" or something like that).
  7. EyTschej

    PC league after 10pm CET

    There are many leagues here advertising, especially consoles seem to have many leagues. I also see many players playing ranked and unranked after 10pm CET on PC, but there don't really seem to be any leagues, that actually have active players. On most days, I just can't make sure that I'm ready to do a race before 10pm, so all the leagues advertising for 8pm are unfortunately not option for me since I would most likely miss the majority of races. So far, I've tried my luck with some open leagues, but they either only have a handful of registered players or they have 15-19 players, but when I show up for a race, I'm either alone or only one other player shows up. But like I've mentioned, there definitely are a bunch of players after 22pm CET, so there has got to be the potential for at least one active F1 2019 league after 22pm, I believe. I'm more of a casual player, I don't dig too deep into this and I do use driving assists (anti-lock brakes on, traction control half, racing line for turns, manual braking+ERS+start). I'd go for short or full qualifying, racing distance 50 or 25%. That's what I'm aiming at. Is there any such league out there?
  8. EyTschej

    I am not a rookie anymore

    While I personally don't see an issue here, I believe that Codemasters could easily add some value to this game for players that do have an issue with this. The solution would be to add options at the start of a career that allow the players to manually edit/choose details like those driver numbers. Options are great. 😉
  9. Tried to connect to the weekly event race three times today, three times I lost at the "NM14 lottery". Now it says I have to wait almost 15 hours until the next game. If the devs can't fix that error (which is on their end, not on ours - there is nothing we can do to fix this), they need to change the interval for those races. One hour wait and then even 15 hours - are you serious?!? Or maybe, can you just send me my points and trophy for the top 5%? 😉
  10. EyTschej

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    Anyone managed to actually play the race? It's been all NM14 for me so far. Why can't they make it so that there is a 5-minute-period for the matchmaking process? I don't want to wait another 59 minutes, the day has more to offer than the NM14 lottery...
  11. EyTschej

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    Exactly! That "snake" section after the first two easy turns (I don't think that turn 1 is difficult at all) always kills me and the rest of the course is also not much fun to race. I wouldn't say USA is my least favourite track though, since I have several tracks that I don't seem to understand. The only thing I can say is that I've improved on most tracks after I went there in my (currently first) career. Only have had this game since early April, should mention that. So maybe, I'll also get better in the US once I get there in my career. I'm currently in Spa and while I always had serious trouble in the first uphill section in multiplayer races, I now seem to understand this uphill section considerably better after P1 and P2.
  12. Yes, I believe it is attached to flashbacks in F1 2011. It's just a thought that you might deactivate it and see if you still encounter the same issues or not. Trial and error, y'know? 😉
  13. AI and penalty system certainly have room for improvement. For ranked games, Codemasters should provide dedicated servers. What are those "online services", that the game is permanently connecting to, anyway?!?!?! As far as I'm concerned, this game only has a lack of online services. Ranked games could also use a server browser so you can see which games are available before trying to reconnect to the ranked mode several times to find a game that doesn't let you wait for the race for 10 minutes or so. Players want to play, not wait. 😉 Multiplayer in general: Text-chat, possibility to vote-kick players that don't connect to a game or auto-kick them after a reasonable amount of time (20 seconds?) (because the game then only makes all the other players, who have already connected, wait forever/until ALT+F4)
  14. EyTschej

    Low GPU usage on track

    That's not normal. That's just wrong... Unless your GPU is too weak for this game, you shouldn't get anywhere near 100%. I've only had a look at my GPU's usage data when I first played this game and made sure that I don't have any unnecessary graphic options activated that would cause unnecessary GPU usage. Most of games seems to run with about 20-30% GPU usage (RX 5700 XT), cooler and energy usage at sensible levels. Game runs smoothly, except for some random micro-stuttering, for example when I get to the finish line at time trial and mark a new PB. But that's not GPU-related. Basically, if you have no performance issues and your GPU operates at about 30%, you're perfectly fine.
  15. Maybe start by turning off the replay feature, because that creates these huge files on your hdd during gameplay, but it's not really something necessary. Also, if you could quickly switch to the task manager (performance tab) after these freezes, you might see which component spikes, causing the freeze. I've played a race of F1 2011 a few weeks ago before deciding to buy F1 2019 and didn't notice any performance issues.