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  1. You're losing a lot of time when you're playing with a controller, in my experience. When I got first hooked to the F1 series (F1 2011), I also found AI to be too difficult to compete with, but once I had bought a wheel, my performance was boosted and my lap times got much better. And once you get used to the wheel, your times will get even more better. I'm talking about several seconds. Depending on the track, you should be able to easily improve by 5 seconds, maybe up to 10+, once you switch that controller with a wheel.
  2. Except for rain, I think the AI already made quite some mistakes in F1 2019. Those would often ruin my race and the AI didn't even get a penalty, not even a warning (which is why I use flashback whenever an AI mistake, that I suffer from, goes unpunished). And now you guys say that the AI tends to make even more mistakes in F1 2020 - that only makes me wonder: Have they finally managed to improve the penalty system?!? Otherwise, the AI making more mistakes at my expense would only mean using the flashback button more often...
  3. You might want to upgrade your system RAM though. Those 8GB are the weakest link in your chain. You can upgrade to 16GB RAM and should notice an improvement in performance, although that also depends on app/game. Some are harder on your cpu, some are harder on your gpu and some eat ram like there's no tomorrow. RAM is cheap these days though, so this upgrade really shouldn't cost you much, but there's quite something to gain. 😉
  4. Time trial is really extremely strict with leaving the track and doesn't usually care if it was a mistake that actually cost you some time. So even when you don't take any advantage, your lap doesn't count. So this makes me wonder: How come I get to drive against ghosts of other players that drive COMPLETELY out of track?!? How in the world did they have their laps count? Bug, broken, cheat? It's annoying...
  5. No-one knows what's going on, it seems. My guess is that the matchmaking process chooses a bad host. Once I was in a weekly event race in which we were only 3 human drivers. It was at 3 or 4pm. I highly doubt that there were not more players around, but I guess that they simply got this NM14 error, because the host had a bad network. (Not me, I hope) So, no, we can't do a thing about it. Codemasters would need to provide dedicated servers for the weekly event races (and ranked games) in order to eliminate NM14, I believe.
  6. Mike, if you already have a result, don't risk NM14. 😉 Other than that, I was also shocked to get two 3-second-penalties. It was weird because I've played Canada in ranked play and didn't have that kind of problems with penalties. No idea what was different this time. Also, I think that I got warnings and my subsequent penalties when I did NOT cut the chicane before start/finish, but in some laps, I believe to have made a mistake and actually DID cut the corner, but did NOT get a warning. Makes me wonder: What DOES the game actually see as corner cutting in the cicane before start/finish
  7. Tried to connect to the weekly event race three times today, three times I lost at the "NM14 lottery". Now it says I have to wait almost 15 hours until the next game. If the devs can't fix that error (which is on their end, not on ours - there is nothing we can do to fix this), they need to change the interval for those races. One hour wait and then even 15 hours - are you serious?!? Or maybe, can you just send me my points and trophy for the top 5%? 😉
  8. Just wanted to quickly reply to this before I don't replay at all. 😉 I basically try to just have fun playing a game, so I don't want to spend hours and hours trying to find the "perfect" setups and these universal setups are exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Some of the settings, I have a clue what they do, others are completely Greek to me, so these setups are much appreciated. 👍 I've just tested them yesterday in Canada, because that's where my next career GP was about to take place (first career, been playing this game for one month). With the fast setup, I've improved
  9. I'm still new to this game, but already experienced this error message as well today. I simply tried connecting to an online race again and it worked, so I didn't really think too much of it. But yeah, this error code is real. I hope this is only a slight hiccup and doesn't turn into a real problem?
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