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  1. There's already three different threads about this issue, if my count is correct. I also have this 0 score issue and won't try a second time unless Codemasters tell us that this issue is fixed. Those weekly events are not as much fun to me as career play anyway, so I simply play career until they announce that this issue has been fixed.
  2. I do. I just went for 4 challenges at once, but only one of them counted. The other three didn't advance. If all of them hadn't tracked, my guess would have been that they broke something with the latest patch. (Why was that latest patch 1.1 GB anyway? Only for an increased DRS beep?!? But I digress...)
  3. I've experienced two similar incidents (during practice). AI crashed into me from behind. One time, my car drove into the barriers because of it and I lost my frontwing. The other time I didn't get any damage. First crash resulted in a grid penalty, second time only a warning - both times, the penalties were given to me! The AI car didn't even receive a single warning for any of those two indicents. I thought the penalty system was really broken, but now I think that the devs simply mixed up the two variables for the car that causes the crash and the car that gets crashed into. Why do I t
  4. No-one knows what's going on, it seems. My guess is that the matchmaking process chooses a bad host. Once I was in a weekly event race in which we were only 3 human drivers. It was at 3 or 4pm. I highly doubt that there were not more players around, but I guess that they simply got this NM14 error, because the host had a bad network. (Not me, I hope) So, no, we can't do a thing about it. Codemasters would need to provide dedicated servers for the weekly event races (and ranked games) in order to eliminate NM14, I believe.
  5. Tried to connect to the weekly event race three times today, three times I lost at the "NM14 lottery". Now it says I have to wait almost 15 hours until the next game. If the devs can't fix that error (which is on their end, not on ours - there is nothing we can do to fix this), they need to change the interval for those races. One hour wait and then even 15 hours - are you serious?!? Or maybe, can you just send me my points and trophy for the top 5%? 😉
  6. I'm still new to this game, but already experienced this error message as well today. I simply tried connecting to an online race again and it worked, so I didn't really think too much of it. But yeah, this error code is real. I hope this is only a slight hiccup and doesn't turn into a real problem?
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