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  1. Sorry for asking, but have I interpreted this correctly with you saying the codes have been sent out? Should this be the case, then I'm afraid to tell you that I haven't received a code either yet. If I've misunderstood this, please kindly ignore my post as I don't want to annoy you at all, we all know you have a lot of work to do right now.
  2. It's great to hear that F1 2020 is getting tested by more people than ever. In addition, I'm really grateful that the beta testers that have been involved so far created an "incredibly high" standard. With the feedback provided by real F1 drivers, an active and now growing beta community and a very transparent and hard working Codemasters, I'm really looking forward to playing the new game. I wish everyone that gets selected for week #3 a nice testing experience and hope that they continue with the current standard and provide as much feedback as possible!
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