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  1. I find your reply very amusing: I DIDN'T say anything regarding the character models in this thread, as it isn't an issue I wanted to talk about. The OP was about the downgraded gravels. I don't know how you could deduce from me saying nothing about character models to your reply here. You also miss a crucial point: the gravels look fine in F1 2020. And my question was: why Codemaster changed something to a worse version which wasn't broken in the last game? And you again missed my argument: gravels are in most parts of the play time, and with which players are more likely
  2. Yes, quite possibly. Maybe they traded it with the new tyre effect when the car's on gravel.
  3. As I said, all graphical settings had been maxed out except screen space shadow. But thank you for your suggestions and I'll try change settings. As for why it's immersion breaking: well, I'm not proficient in F1 and can ended up in gravel a lot when learning a track. And it's just visually weird when it looks like the car is sliding onto some muddy patch. Not saying it's the only thing or often the case, but when it happens, it happens.
  4. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll test tomorrow. However, could you please so kindly confirm if this 'hardware_settings_config.xml' you're referring to is the one in 'My Game' in the user Documents folder in Windows?
  5. It is to make the point that raising issue about gravel appearance isn't nitpicking and it shouldn't be (too) low on the priority list. Because if Codemaster has made so much effort to make the in game F1 world real and to include influencers and celebrities that are less critical for on-track experience in game (and twits only appear in Braking Point, I guess), surely gravel deserves a better place. Gravel appearance is more relevant to most of the game time than tweets. You said: So by the same logic, lots of elements in game could stay what they were like in the 90s and early
  6. Following this thread: I thought it would be nice if FIA meetings can be added to the game. Calendar arrangements, rule/formula changes and politics are essential parts of real-world F1. In generations before F1 2020, because the players can only play as the drivers, FIA meetings are probably irrelevant. But since in My Team the players are also team owners, FIA meetings should be an integrated part of the experience. With these meetings, players would be able to try to outlaw developments of rival teams and impede their progress and more importantly, set a calendar of a season tha
  7. Totally agree. This is following all the changes in the real world.
  8. Hello Barry, I've report a relevant issue here: It seems that currently the in-game HDR is not working properly with the Set-up and Leaderboard screens and so a white background is really realy bad. Please kindly bring the issues to the devs. Thank you.
  9. Alrighty. I don't have a console and am on PC so don't really know. Thank you for the info.
  10. PS5 resolution appears higher, especially when you compare the text (e.g. ALPINE). But YouTube compression probably did no good to the comparison, as even on 4K both gens look blurry to me..
  11. I wasn't nitpicking; this issue is raised because it's immersion breaking. What's your last time in game looking at a marshal, the spectators, the national flags, the lamp posts, the tracktor, and the tres and grasses? You might argue that since few players would ever pay attention to these in-game elements when they're driving at over 100km/h, all these elements can be replaced with 2D or even 8-bit graphics, like racing games back in the 90s and early 2000s. And why bother putting famous YouTubers' twits into Braking Point because not everyone knows Jimmy Broadbent or aarava, and who ca
  12. I guess the point I want to make is this: lots of things were great and not broken in F1 2020, including the gravel texture. It's not clear why this year Codemaster had made changes to things that were not broken and caused issues for players (at least for me, but I also paid for the game almost EVERY YEAR). You can head over to the 'Report an issue' sub-forum and see other issues I reported. It all added to the frustration.
  13. Sure. I also mention in the original post: it's immersion braking, because when I ended up on it, I felt I'm travelling back to some 2000s 3D game... And ofc I'll try never ending up on gravel.
  14. Report code: GAXM-MERV-HMKH-KDVG Platform: Steam, Windows 10 (21H1 19043.1083), Geforce 471.11 with RTX 2080Ti, Tobbi Eye Tracker 4C with software version 2.16.8. Mode: Braking Point (so far) Detailed description: In Braking Point, after Flashback, Tobii Eye Tracking may be randomly not working when the player is controlling the car. That is to say, Eye Tracking works correctly in game when in Eye Tracking setting menu or in the animation sequence before the player gain control of the car. There is no clear pattern why the issue happens. The only thing I can tell is that it seems to
  15. I've made this point (incorrectly) elsewhere but the gravel in F1 2021 also looks much worse even when all graphic settings maxed out in 4K (without screen space shadow). The top screenshot is from F1 2021 and the bottom from F1 2020.
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