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  1. Pol235

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    YES. I'm finally at the cars-that-have-more-power-than-is-good-for-em and I like to practice driving those without any aids. Half baked solution now is to restart the qualifying lap over and over every 15 meters before the finish line... As mentioned in my earlier post, seems like a weird step back from previous versions of Grid and Dirt... (don't fix it if it ain't broke)
  2. Pol235

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    and now I like your point. BTW, this was possible on many previous Grid / Dirt games. Especially amount of diff lock and down force. Perhaps removed because it's unrealistic? Can't be since this is a 'just go fast and have fun arcade racer that sort of feels like real cars' (this balance is the fundamental reason I really enjoy this series to be honest...)
  3. Pol235

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Long time fan of the codemasters racing games. Have played most (all?) of the Grid and Dirt games. Not always too realistic, always good fun!! For Grid 2019: Interface / race setup: Where's practice? I'm a casual gamer with these games. In previous iterations something like 10 mins free practice, or on rallies instant restart, is half the fun (yes, really!). No delays, no cut scenes, just bam...back at the starting line Why are there two screens for race and hot lap? The loading in between is just annoying (it takes time even on a decent PC). And... ...access to tuning mode directly from hot lap: finish your hot lap, car is wrong, straight to tuning, fix it and try again. Now it just takes too long to quit the hot lap and go back to main race screen (small point but present in all codemaster racing games: the infinitely repeating cut scenes... Fun to see your car the first time you play the game but it becomes quite boring quite fast...) Team mate / NPC: My team mate in most races turns into an enemy even when he/she is the one driving into the back of my car (no matter how gentle). Currently have a team mate with very high 'loyalty' and this still happens (so I don't know what loyalty mean actually...?). In this case, when my team mate hits me I expect an apology, not an F you When an NPC hits you, you're doing a 180 or fly into the wall. The NPC continues like nothing happened. Handling / driving: Physics can be better because it was better in previous games. Sometimes you don't feel tires screaming like in previous games, more like you're just sliding on ice... No feeling of weight on them, suspension struggling, rubber burning, etc. Recently re-played DiRT, had more feeling to some cars than this 13 year newer game... Hope you can fix / improve some stuff since I'm nowhere near done with this game!