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  1. Maffoom007

    Safety car livery change!

    You guys at CM are going to be busy with all these new liveries popping up everywhere! Lucky early release is 7th or you wouldn’t get time!
  2. I’m going to pick team oz and I plan on getting dan to race sometime in my team! Oh and the colour? Green n gold of course
  3. When selecting a sponsor, what is your strategy going to be? Are you going to make it realistic and keep to a decent difficulty or make it easy so you win? 10 days to go can’t wait. i plan on keeping 100 difficulty and get a sponsor that will give me a bonus for 5-10 points in the year
  4. The same thing for me in Australia, I thought it would be British time too
  5. Maffoom007

    My Team Starting money

    That makes a lot of sense now you mention it, I reckon that will be the case. It will definitely be tough at the start, but a great challenge 😄
  6. Maffoom007

    My Team Starting money

    Yes it’s going to be a hard pick! Then to have left over money for facilities
  7. Maffoom007

    My Team Starting money

    I am plotting my ideas but am scared of going over budget lol 20 days until I can test my theory I guess lol
  8. Maffoom007

    My Team Starting money

    So we have the driver rating/prices, I was just curious on the budget you get for My team to start with? Also you have to buy your own engine too? What about wear and tear do you pay for "repairs"
  9. Maffoom007

    F1 2020 - Monaco gameplay

  10. Maffoom007

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    So here goes with this the game is titled F1, we got F2, now if we was to get F3 the next person will want Formula ford, oh lets put Go karts in it now, it is F1 we can't have a full racing game, noting it's also licenced so when we go down to Go Karts, this would be hard to get a licence depending where they wanted to base it and how.
  11. Maffoom007

    Dan Ticktum starts own F1 Team

    I can't wait to play the "My team" Mode I think it will be more fun then standard career, I hate online play, I only play LAN with my partner if I play online, and that is rare. I think this will be the most exciting part of the game 😄
  12. Maffoom007

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I’ll be waiting until July the 8th. only 50 days to go lol
  13. Maffoom007

    Spanish 2021 GP

    I just had the weirdest race ever! on the grid in the rain with SOFT tyres, not raining enough for inters, got thru 3/4 of the race then old mate tells me to change, very different race but enjoyed it 😄 any one else had an experience like this? this was career season 3 as per title in Barcelona.
  14. Maffoom007

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    This would be my first beta here if I was to be selected, I don't use Twitter, Twitch or youtube, so I'm in the clear LOL