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  1. Maffoom007

    Driver acclaim

    Has anyone gone past 18 acclaim it’s not moving for me any more 😞 I’m in season 5
  2. Maffoom007

    Safety Car due to heavy rain

    That is awesome, I never thought the game mechanics would do that!
  3. Maffoom007

    Red flags

    I wish there was a red flag feature please! That is all
  4. Maffoom007

    Red flags

    3 in the last 2 F1 Races! Don't forget the ones that spoil Quali hot laps too
  5. Maffoom007

    What purpose does the radio "Car Status" even have?

    Sometimes it gives more then others
  6. Maffoom007

    Red flags

    You wouldn’t sit around for... time you would get an option to goto the restart, do repairs/change tyres. Same as FIFA with the red cards
  7. Maffoom007

    Red flags

    Just the random standing start in the middle of a race and being able to change tyres without “putting” was my point
  8. Maffoom007

    Red flags

    Yesterday’s race in Italy was a good example of why we need red flags in the game please @BarryBL
  9. Maffoom007

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    PC, 25% race transfers on, sim damage, my team, 80% ai
  10. Maffoom007

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    The safety car feature works very well for me depending on where a car is located the SC VSC or local yellow will come out, as a player this is awesome as your never sure if you put or not. I have an SC every 2 or 3 races a VSC almost every race depending if there is a retirement or not
  11. Maffoom007

    Video proof - manual retirement

    Even in the pits it does this (PC 1.06)
  12. Maffoom007

    Kimi Raikkonen Myteam

    Kimi is still racing in season 3 on my game
  13. Maffoom007

    Curiosity has the better of me

    Ok, don’t take this the wrong way, it’s a simple question. I have a perfectly running game on my pc, I get that PS & Xbox will be different. How do people have a pc problem? How do you get a problem but not me? I have played since early release and not had one bug? I’m just curious not saying that anyone is making stuff up. I even got put coins etc straight away??
  14. Maffoom007

    Curiosity has the better of me

    Look I don’t have anything fancy, but I also don’t play online. I brought it from steam directly so maybe this is why?
  15. Maffoom007

    Curiosity has the better of me

  16. Maffoom007

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    Claire is getting quite repetitive
  17. Maffoom007

    Safety Car likeliness?

    I get one every 2nd or 3 rd race 15 races in 25% sim damage
  18. Maffoom007

    Does the AI just never make mistakes?

    I had an awesome Bahrain battle with Sainz, he ended up late braking on the outside of the other really sharp bend onto the old pit staright and bam! he locked up and went into the fence I didn't even touch him, it was a great battle whilst it lasted
  19. Maffoom007

    [PC] [MYTEAM] 2nd Driver Rating

    Sorry if I’m incorrect, the other drivers in the “F1 paddock” increase via the game, the stats at the beginning of the game are nothing to go by after the 1st race of the season
  20. Maffoom007

    Team acclaim now working

    Team acclaim has started working by itself now or did my facility get downgraded by the patch? I haven’t been playing as I was waiting for it to be fixed but seems it is fixed
  21. Maffoom007

    What does this symbol mean?

    It means part of your car is wearing out, or you have damage, depending on how bad depends the colour it is yellow - orange - red
  22. Maffoom007


    I'm not a Codemasters Support person but the response I saw from this post was " It takes around a year to create a track, it's not as easy to decode information from another game/source as you think." This being the reason they will not be included in the game.
  23. Maffoom007

    My F1 team in My Team is Awful, Love the challenge

    Logitech GeForce with windows 10 requires you to download a program called Logitech G Hub then it works https://support.logi.com/hc/en-au/articles/360025298133
  24. Maffoom007

    Someone help

    You can change practice gear box at any time without penalty
  25. Maffoom007

    F2 updated grid

    No release date confirmed, but I seem to remember it being around August/September last year.