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  1. It’s good that someone has thanked him and I agree and thank him for the update! It’s unbelievable how many beta threads have been made!
  2. Yes there has been a 10 season limit for a while now, I don't think many people get that far into the season's as there isn't much of a way to spend money/resource points after 5 seasons
  3. Hey MWK, I seen a youtube video on it the other day, the track is still no where near done! and they plan to resurface the whole track apparently Link to YT Video I mentioned:
  4. Will the AGP be round 1 or in the November slot on the game? will the game contain all the changes immediately or will it come in a post release patch? Knowing their is more then has been released on media I was curious. other gamers, would you prefer the old or new AGP track 🙂
  5. I just had a LAN race to find 2 AI cars get -1 & -2 points for fastest lap in F2 is this a rule or game fault? I'll write a bug report if it isn't a rule @BarryBL
  6. Exactly what I meant I just found it odd not a complaint at all 🙂 I thought it may of been because of the steam edition I gathered the British version may of had Lewis leading.
  7. I wondered the same thing lol
  8. I’m not complaining, i was just questioning if this was the same for everyone?
  9. Mattio1989

    Bottas P1

    Valterri wins almost every pole position and race. I have started my team multiple times reset my statistics and he still gets Pole position and race win except Australia season one where he DNF’s is this normal
  10. That is awesome, I never thought the game mechanics would do that!
  11. Has anyone gone past 18 acclaim it’s not moving for me any more 😞 I’m in season 5
  12. 3 in the last 2 F1 Races! Don't forget the ones that spoil Quali hot laps too
  13. You wouldn’t sit around for... time you would get an option to goto the restart, do repairs/change tyres. Same as FIFA with the red cards
  14. Just the random standing start in the middle of a race and being able to change tyres without “putting” was my point
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