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  1. Tuesday with Portugal I would assume
  2. We laughed about it too his comments often make me laugh
  3. I was racing in Russia, 2p career, he told my partner the VSC is ending 2 laps after it ended!
  4. Mattio1989


    Yes read that and used it, it’s just amazing how much I have to change difficulty for Bahrain especially.
  5. Mattio1989


    Yes I find the same but it seems Bahrain they are super slow! and Zandvort they are like rocket ships
  6. Mattio1989


    Is it just me or do you have to turn the AI up massively for Bahrain? I sit around 75-79 but in Bahrain I put it up to 90 and still won on debut on my team!
  7. I thought they started making them next week because so many people keep asking for them lol
  8. I also had this as well, mine was at Azerbaijan My Team on PC I’ll try and get a video next time it happens as well for further info once I reached my pit crew we drove through them then went out the pit exit with no new tyres or front wing
  9. We need red flags in the race, I suggested this last year also, my only reason for asking for them is to get a second race start part way through the race if would be so cool. Now they have fixed the safety car to come out more and go from VSC to SC it would be just as easy to add a red flag I would of thought?
  10. I have just done a very short season i simmed most of it and had played with the sliders but no driver transfers at all Daniel Riccardo retired but just an F2 driver took over from him
  11. 1. as per the title force feedback is really strong and veers to one side when the player takes control of the car during one shot qualifying, there is also a stutter at the same time. this wasn't present in v1.03 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) v1.04 on PC 3. Game-mode? My team 4. Are you able to recreate the issue? If so, please include recreation steps on how you encountered this issue. yes, every time i start controlling my car in a race weekend 5. How often do
  12. Probably every 2nd weekend. But I love that it makes it so random
  13. Yes it’s in there BUT not in the full season you have to skip a race to get it
  14. https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/
  15. You should seperate the problems and put in here: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/
  16. Just curiously I also emailed a retailer and got told that EA provided the release date but here in Australia, do we get the game on the 13th or 14th? Steam tells me the 17th (14th) but all our retailers say 13th (16th)
  17. Yes it happens each year, just take 3 days off it. Sadly mine says the 17th as I’m in Australia
  18. Sorry for bringing this up, my steam account says it will release on the 17th (14th digital deluxe) I live in Australia. Microsoft Australia pre order site (I got mine direct thru steam) says it is the 16th or 13th at 10:00am AEST will the release be the same as other years or will it be slightly different due to EA? I only want to know because of my work roster haha
  19. Have you accidentally pressed casual mode? If this is not the problem a detailed report should be created 🙂
  20. I asked this question, and got a response of “you’d imagine they would just add it in for the next season you start”
  21. How will the career mode work for the first season or two without some of the tracks? How will this be implemented half way through a season? Obviously CM has this worked out and tested but I’m curious
  22. It’s good that someone has thanked him and I agree and thank him for the update! It’s unbelievable how many beta threads have been made!
  23. Yes there has been a 10 season limit for a while now, I don't think many people get that far into the season's as there isn't much of a way to spend money/resource points after 5 seasons
  24. Hey MWK, I seen a youtube video on it the other day, the track is still no where near done! and they plan to resurface the whole track apparently Link to YT Video I mentioned:
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