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  1. 8 is different to 9. Buy WRC 9. You won't regret it.
  2. Buy the game. You won’t regret it.
  3. I did all three! Watched the Saturday highlights, played WRC 9 a bit... and was on twitch then made the food 🙂
  4. Yes, yes sorry! WRC 8! I just woke up! Contemplating continuing to play WRC 9 (Digital Deluxe Edition), watch Day 2 of Rally Estonia or make my Father's day gift/food haha
  5. I bought WRC 8 to have in the metal box 🙂 I'll never open it. I will also never play WRC 6-7-8 again! @UnderclassGDfan I have no idea what Martinio32's problem is with his replies... some sort of attitude but I think we get his point!
  6. I bought the Deluxe Version of WRC 9 direct from Xbox. So i'm happy... On the other hand, just to keep a physical copy, I bought WRC 8 Deluxe in the metal case on shop.wrc.com but I don't play it haha. I'll get it autographed. Can I say I haven't played the WRC game since WRC 5 or 6... when ever the MINI was officially in the game and I could finally grasp the handling and manoeuvre the perfect hand-brake turns on hairpins! After that I gave up and it was Dirt 2.0 for me. Regarding WRC9... Wow. After a day, you REALLY need a day to get use to the physics, the cars, the steering and t
  7. Hrmmmmm.... sounds like a promotional post... but in saying that maybe the game will be great!
  8. I thought it was fine... but it couldn't happen in real life! haha Certainly suspension damaging, car flying corner... but in saying that I watched some footage from USA stages of this game and there were some great cuts! I'd love to be able to push more knowing I wouldn't get reset and a penalty... too if I go wayyyyy off the road and know I can turn around and head back on the actual stage rather then reset and a penalty! It's not that great 😞
  9. Can you still get the Bonus Car (Corolla WRC) if I order a physical copy of the came... you know with a Disc and box/cover?
  10. You have two chase cam views... the second for me is stiffer and doesn't have the zoom-in/out effect... unlike WRC games
  11. Completed SS9 of Solberg World Cup Wales over the weekend thinking it was about to finish on Sunday, in 314th position. Absolutely pushed in this event but kept cool, headed into SS10... perhaps 2kms from the start, an off! Technical Damage! Had to retire and left in 548th place. To end the season like this sucks, I hope there will be another! If I had finished in 314th out of over 15,000 that would have been grand!
  12. Octavia WRC SEAT WRC Accent WRC WRC05 Lancer and the Group A Lancer EVO VII Please?
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