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  1. I give it a try the full left en right turn and the button combo all needs to be done in the Xbox home screen? Found this https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/kb/7394-en/
  2. Thanks! yes i think the problem is that the wheel came out later. i sold my 458 italia wheel maybe later on i will buy a Ferrari F1 wheel. Send a E-mail to thrustmaster now wait for a reply.
  3. Thanks for the reply. tried it a couple of times but it does not work maybe because i have the open wheel add on? the light on the base does not change color when i press the button combo.
  4. Hello hope you guys can help me. i have the issue that my thrustmaster tx wheel is a little off center. i friend of mine has done the firmware update to the latest version. can i calibrate the wheel on the Xbox or in game?(F1 2019) I don’t have a laptop or pc at home so i can’t calibrate it that way.
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