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  1. CMAlexS

    grid 2019 garage menu gone

    You should have a button available to the right side of your player profile banner (top right of the screen), like this: Although I did notice it occasionally doesn't show up when using mouse and keyboard, it'll be fixed in the next patch! As a workaround, you can access the same menu from the Player Profile button in the main menu.
  2. CMAlexS

    Ferrari 599XX Evo - No Livery?

    Due to licensing restrictions, custom liveries are not available on this car.
  3. CMAlexS

    Where is the Global and Friends tabs?

    Try the latest patch 😉
  4. CMAlexS

    Grid 2019 Illegal Instruction

    It looks like your CPU does not meet the minimum requirements for GRID as its CPU Instruction Set is too old and does not have all the required instructions used by GRID, unfortunately this is not something we can fix. It is likely you'll start seeing similar problems in other modern games as time progresses, a hardware upgrade is recommended, but I can understand this isn't an option for everyone
  5. CMAlexS

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    Both the single and multiplayer qualifying issues should be fixed as part of this patch. We were unable to reproduce the multiplayer bug however, not before nor after the fix, so we can't guarantee it. Work was done to address it, so hopefully the issue is gone, feedback on it would be appreciated.
  6. The difference between power slide/drift is based on whether you started drifting going into the corner or coming out of it, going into is considered a powerdrift, coming out is a powerslide 🙂 For 2 wheels, you probably want to adjust your tuning settings to make it more likely, stiffening the suspension and dampers will help a great deal, combine it with strong curbed tracks (Havana & Barcelona come to mind) and you should be able to achieve this fairly regularly
  7. You don't lose any distance driven by restarting the race, it's updated every time you cross a sector, so quitting mid race will still count that distance too 😉
  8. CMAlexS

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    @zykelmyg This one has been fixed and will come with the next patch (which should be soon), I don't think Steam supports rolling back an update though
  9. CMAlexS

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    Okay thanks for the heads up, I'll have another look when I find some spare time!
  10. CMAlexS

    Stadia - Single Player - Qualifying Bug

    @Jags666 A fix will be released with the next patch (which should be soon), keep a lookout for @CMTGK 's announcement in this thread
  11. CMAlexS

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    I've played a bit myself as well and my position always seemed to be correct, the only 2 issues I found was when I was a late joiner, in which case I wouldn't get put last on the grid (I've seen the same happen for other late joiners, but everyone else seemed fine) and the people who got disqualified during their hot lap (but players who finished correctly still retained their slot), are you seeing the same or did your own grid position change post hot lap?
  12. CMAlexS

    Ranking problem

    @zibberman2003 You prestige'd a level, notice that the level back drop icon has changed to a silver colour 🙂 You're actually level 101 now, this will occur multiple times until you eventually reach the "GRID" level (for which you get a couple rewards too)
  13. CMAlexS

    Grid - Qualifying Bug

    This has not gone live yet no, keep a lookout for @CMTGK's announcement of it in this thread
  14. CMAlexS

    Black Screen and Nothing Else

    For those experiencing this, do you recall which vehicle you were using and did you have custom liveries applied to it?
  15. On PC this can be caused by someone in the lobby having a really fast PC (fast loading) and your PC taking a lot longer to load. (There's a timeout so everyone else in the lobby isn't being held up waiting forever) You can try hosting a lobby instead, the host gets a bit more time before being removed from the lobby.