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    Offline progress lost

    I've been playing the game on Steam for 300+ hours and I've never encountered the online progress reset issue, I had however lost part of my offline progress. Today when I logged in, I noticed that all the Colin McRae scenarios I've completed during the last few days simply "undid" themselves (seven of them if I counted right), also my progress in the "FIA World Rallycross Championship" mode reset itself to an earlier state undoing the event I completed yesterday. My questions are: does anybody know what caused this, can it be reversed, and how can it be prevented from happening again? Curiously, my online progress wasn't affected, nor did I receive any message warning me that I've lost progress or that there was any save file discrepancy, it just simply happened. I've checked other games and stuff on my computer too, everything seems to be in order, nothing else is lost. Lastly, I verified the integrity of the game's files through Steam, but it did not solve the issue.