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  1. For me.... DLC - The level of DLC in this game is great and worth it, however accessibility is not. Rally classes such as Group B RWD and F2 kit cars & Up to 2000cc are exclusively DLC and then further in RallyX with Group B RX and RX 2019 as well are all DLC. i think DR2 could benefit by having at least some free cars, especially in the aforementioned classes even if it is the worst vehicle in each class too at least give people a taste of what they are missing out on. Career - Career in DR2 is lacklustre in the sense of progression, the first championship you're dumped into a 6 event rally with 4 stages(including some long stages) in each, but considering its your first championship wouldn't it make sense to be one event with just 2 or 3 short stages and then working your way up to longer stages/events ?